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Letters to the Editor - October 12, 2016

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Editor’s note: The West Valley View will not run any Letters to the Editor criticizing candidates in the Nov. 2 issue because it is the last issue before the general election on Nov. 8 and candidates would not have a chance to defend themselves.


Make room in the basket


Despite being petrified at the risk of incurring the wrath of HRC devotees I exercise my First Amendment right with this “tirade,” and jump into the “deplorable” basket.

Look no further than Hillary’s record, her long history of abuse of power, deception and corruption.

Not even Obama can top her lifelong anti-freedom record. In her campaign for the presidency she embraces a confiscatory firearms destruction program modeled on Australia’s plan, where a million firearms were taken from law abiding REGISTERED and LICENSED owners and destroyed. If she could Clinton would ban every gun,destroy every magazine and run Americas entire law-abiding firearms industry into the ground.

Look at her scandal-ridden tenure as the U.S. secretary of state, defined by a pattern of mocking the rule of law, destroying our national security.

The symbol of her tenure as secretary of state was one of lawlessness, corruption and lies.

As president her abuse of power would spread to every level of government. There is only personal greed, a lust for power and unbelievable arrogance in Hillary’s behavior.

She is devoid of any sense of public service. Obama’s weakening of the U.S. military will be amplified in a Clinton presidency.

And this is the same women who lied to the families of the fallen heroes of Benghazi while standing in front of their flag-draped caskets, the same women who did nothing to protect these brave Americans when they pleaded for help.

Obama’s post 2008 avowal to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” was a declaration of cultural war which will be increased if Clinton becomes president.

As always with respect from a self serving, antiquated, deplorable vet.

DJ Hammond


Trump is a true leader


Something we have seen increasingly transpire over the last several years is greed, justice not being fully rendered and selfish ambition of President Obama, of many of his appointees and rampant in his administration: James 3:16 and Habakkuk 1:4. Something we have been sorely lacking in our nation and in many countries around the world are peace and trust: Isaiah 32:17-18. President Obama and Mrs. Clinton have been deceitful: Proverbs 20:17.

If Mr. Trump is victorious in the presidential election this November our country will once again have a true leader. We will have a stronger and more secure, honorable nation. Laws will be enforced and apply to all equally. Standards will be raised. Our nation will be regarded with greater esteem by our allies. Enemies of freedom will know us as a force to be feared and respected: Isaiah 32:1-5, Proverbs 29:18, Ecclesiastes 10:2.

Susan Hewitt


Vote yes on Liberty bond


Vote yes on the Liberty Elementary School Bond on November 8 without increasing your property tax rate. There is NO tax increase to homeowners.

Your YES vote allows the district to:

Maintain low class sizes,

Continue special area classes (art, music, and physical education),

Continue sports, music, and academic extra-curricular programs,

Attract and retain high quality teachers and staff

This year is even more critical with reduced funding from the state and the ongoing challenge of teacher retention and recruitment.

As a parent and public school educator of over 20 years, I understand the importance of high quality education AND the challenges that we are facing with inadequate funding to maintain a level of excellence and world-class education for all students. For more information, go to Facebook: Yes for Liberty Schools.

We need your support for our kids. They deserve it.

Vote YES for Liberty Elementary School District Override.

Kelly Stewart


Feeling foolish for paying taxes


Apparently Mr. Trump, with all his billions, has paid NO taxes for 18 years. On my limited income I have always paid my taxes. Boy, do I feel like a fool. How about you?

Margery Ellison


Why not to vote for Hillary


Mr. Ed Stone has a friend that says “No country can sustain perpetual incompetency of their elected officials” followed by a couple of lies about Mr. Trump. Mr. Stone’s friend is correct as his statement describes Hillary Clinton to a tee! Now Ed says “Donald Trump is incompetent” let’s compare. Hillary lied to Congress, the FBI, and The State Department. Somehow 4 Americans were left to die in Benghazi under her watch! 2 days after the terrorist attack Hillary went on TV 4 times and blamed the murders on a video, knowing that was not true, and this has been proven! Hillary said she had 1 server and 1 device? Another lie, as have been proven she had multiple servers and 7 different phones and tablets all running off the server she lied about! Hillary and many Liberals have been keeping the black population uninformed, poor and on the Liberal plantation, with the use of food stamps and welfare, and lies! And you call Trump a “bigot” Then Ed quotes the NYT the most Liberal un- newspaper in the country in my opinion, by saying Trump is a liar. Hillary says she can solve all of our problems, which she and Obama has created if elected, well what has she been doing for 30 plus years in politics? The answer is lying, cheating, and stealing! Ed states that Trump is involved in pay for play? Hillary owns pay for play, she wrote the book, accepting big money from countries that have sworn to destroy us, and this also has been proven! America Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate ever to run for this office in the history of our Republic!

Elwood Kuentzler


Trump is deplorable


I commend Roy Sharp (Sept 21) on his serving 20 years honorably in the U.S.A.F. I served 30 years including a tour in Viet Nam in 1970. I have never had a bankruptsy and always pay my taxes. Roys candidate took 5 deferments to avoid any public service. He has had multiple bankruptsies and pays no taxes. He said that just makes him smart. He even called P.O.W. John McCain no hero because he was captured. I don’t think you are deplorable Roy, but your candidate is.

David Padilla


Vote no on Prop. 205


I think we can all agree that we want the best for our children. Even if you don’t have kids yourself, they are the future.

Legalizing recreational marijuana does not make sense if we want a prosperous, healthy future for our kids.

Today’s marijuana is far more potent than it was in 1960s, and it now comes in the form of gummy bears and chocolates. In Colorado where recreational marijuana is legal, the average marijuana-laced candy is 30% more potent than a joint from the 60s, and up to 80% and 90% in some cases. If the authors of Proposition 205 aren’t marketing to children, why are they making high-potency, marijuana-laced candy more accessible to children? Because the reality is that legalization will lead to increased accessibility. Just look at what’s happening in Colorado with teen use now 74% higher than the national average, and hospitals seeing a surge in accidental consumption among 3 to 7 year olds.

Now I know what you’re thinking — if kids and teenagers are being exposed to and accessing marijuana in Colorado, their parents must not be doing a good job. Let me ask you this, how sure are you your child won’t come across it at the babysitter’s, a friend’s house, or on the school grounds? Do you want to take that chance?

We should learn from Colorado’s mistake. Vote No on Prop 205.

Josh Kredit


Don’t believe Hillary’s lies


Ed,your first mistake is believing the half truthes of the New York Times and the full lies of Hiilary.Didn’t Hillary send post pictures of Obama in A Muslim outfit When she was running against him?Doesn’t the Clinton Foundation take money from Saudi Arabia even though they suppress women?Didn’t Hillary bash the women that were having affairs with her husband while he was President?The list goes on and on just like her lies.She said that she made a mistake about her emails.Do you think she’ll admit that she made mistakes about Bengazi , calling millions of people that she wants to lead deplorable.If Trump is a racist why do you think he has so many African Americans supporting him , including many church leaders?

Al Wolfson


View endorses wrong candidate


The WVV has once again made an endorsement for a candidate who is totally unfit for the highest office in the USA. Clinton is a corrupt, incompetent, despicable individual who has no accomplishments and treats people like an old sponge that smells with bacteria and has to be thrown away. She has no record worthy of anyone’s vote. Mr.Trump is a breath of fresh air and one who has made many accomplisments in the private sector. We do not need the same old tiresome people like Clinton. We need a man who will put our sovereign nation first and not a dumping ground for the rest of the world.

Richard Newcomer


Keep Kenn Weise


Mayor Kenn Weise is an outstanding public servant with commitment to his job and to his constituents:. I have observed his dedication to Avondale as he seeks what is best for our city. Kenn is a person of the highest integrity and you can depend on his word.Mayor Weise and the City Council of Avondale have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I congratulate Avondale on the new look and feel they are creating.. I admire Mayor Weise for his leadership and I feel he is an excellent role model for what public service is about .Kenn has strong work ethics,family and community values .Kenn has served on the Avondale City Council since 2006, and has served a 2 year term as Vice Mayor.

I have been involved in several community activities and programs in Avondale and Mayor Weise always takes the time to find out how these programs are faring and not only what we find valuable about them but also what we feel could be improved.These actions have a high impact on our cities growth and financial stability.As a resident of Avondale and a small business owner I endorse Mayor Kenn Weise for re-election. Mayor Weise will get the job done for us.

Patty Hannon


Endorsement from View is sad


I am very sorry to hear that the West Valley View is not supporting Donald Trump for president. You state the reason is, because he has no political experience. You state that Hillary is qualified because she graduated from Yale with honors ? Oh and by the way, being a senator does not prepare you to be president. Most of americans that support Trump do so because he is not tied to the political machine in Washington. He has not been bought off. Hillary has been bought off by her donors and Wall Street.

We are sick of how Washington has governed this country. Obama has basically ruled like a king by executive order. Do we want more of this ? We will get more and a lot more if Hillary is elected.

Trump is not the perfect candidate. We all know that. Be he has ideas and plans that could be a huge game changer in as far as what direction this country goes. America needs a real change from the last 8 years.

David Latta
Litchfield Park


Words of wisdom


From prior issues of the View:

11/17/15: “Republicans, beware of Donald Trump. . . . Trump is UNELECTABLE . . . . the way he smirks and badmouths other Republicans does nothing but show his ignorance, . . . . Maybe he is a Democratic plant.”

3/23/16: “. . . we have the Donald, whom if elected President may prove to be worse than Obama, . . . . Some have compared him to Hitler . . . . Mussolini is a much better fit. . . . he has little if any spiritual values. . . . I predict if Trump is elected, all evangelicals . . . will also come to have serious buyer’s remorse.”

5/25/16: “. . . the Donald with his obnoxious and deceitful personality . . . . Trump was and still is the least qualified. . . .”

Author: Roy Azzarello.

Despite seeing Lying Trump so clearly in the past, the “Factless Wonder” has now ignored his own wisdom, and enthusiastically supports the man another “Trumpster” (Ms. Chelini on 4/27/16) called the Anti-Christ! How could they “have gone so far wrong”?

Gordon P.R. Posner


Democratic win will kill View


West Valley View Newspaper took a direct hit under 8 years of a Democratic administration.

Under 12 years of a Democratic administration their large printing press will be out of business.

After 8 years of the Democrats running the country a steak cost 27 dollars and an Orange cost 1 dollar each.

Do the math, what will it cost under 12 years of Democrats.

If you voted Democratic the past two elections then you got what you deserve.

Don’t Run Over The Cliff this time like a pack of ignorant sheep.

Help yourself and the country .


Vickie J. Chelini


Prejudice is a burden


In Mr. Zielinski’s article he said on three different occasions police officer’s question him about drinking. So, when the police officer asked him “have you been drinking” you can say no, say yes or plead the 5th amendment, the right to remain silent. A police officer CANNOT just stop an individual because he is on the lookout DUI drivers. There has to be some moving violation or minor infraction giving the officer probable cause in asking “have you been drinking.”

The police cannot search your car unless you waive your rights by saying yes, when the police officer asks to search your car. If one does not consent to a search the officer must get a search warrant. However, they can bypass the search warrant if the officer has probable cause. Probable cause means police officer must have some facts or evidence to believe you’re involved in criminal activity. An officer doesn’t have probable cause based on just a hunch.

A police office will give you a reason of why he stopped you and I rather doubt he said, because your wife is black. However, if Mr. Zielinski feels he was mistreated by any police officer he has the right to report that officer’s conduct to the police department. Police departments keep records on officer’s conduct for annual reviews. The problem here is Mr. Zielinski did not know his rights under the law.

Frankly, I am tired of people whining about the Unites States, but yet taking advantage of American freedoms that suits their own best interests. Mr. Zielinski is welcome to move to any other country to escape the “white oppression” of the United States.

Thomas Brosius


Endorsement costs View readers


Endorse a criminal over a go getter business man? The AZ republic lost readers because of that. Ever wonder why you are not doing well and had to drop down to once per week? Forthwith my once per week view goes directly to recycle (or possibly masking on a painting job.)

Ronald Anderson


View only backs career politician


Apparently you feel only a career politician can serve as President. That reason is precisely why people are voting for Mr. Trump because he is not a career politician who only know how to make promises that they never keep. Actually Mr Trump is very qualified to serve as President as he is an accomplished executive who has built a profitable, multi-billion dollar business using his own money and skills, something most career politicians have never done. Mr. Trump is a leader who will surround himself with decent, competent, knowledgeable people who have a better vision for the country than his opponent.

Even though Hillary has experience it is quite flawed as evidenced by someone who worked closely with her, General Colin Powell, who commented “everything she touches, she kind of screws up with hubris.” Putting our national security at risk, lying to Congress and orchestrating character assassinations of women that her husband abused is the kind of experience that would disqualify anybody but Hillary.

Commenting that you would have endorsed any of the other Republican candidates is sour grapes and reflects your disrespect for the tremendous number of people who voted for him and a tone deafness to what is important to most people. The people want Mr. Trump not a career politician.

Igor Shpudejko


Progressive traitor?


I am appalled by the amount of hate in Mr. Azzarello and other’s letters in the October 5 issue.

I reject the notion that because I am a “progressive” I am a traitor to our country and the Constitution. In proof let me state that I honorably served in the United States Air Force during the Korean Conflict, I volunteered at the Arizona State fair grounds Hurricane Katrina shelter, am a past recipient of the Long Island Multiple Sclerosis Volunteer of the Year, and regularly volunteer at many events for multiple organizations every year. In addition I have also worked at the polls here in Arizona for several years for little remuneration. I am also a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather.

I would very much like to hear what Mr. Azzarello’s service to our country has been — aside from his contributions(?) to this forum and his playing bocci.

I agree that our country is severely divided but if we judge why, just by this forum alone, I am sure that you shall find that most of the divisive comments come from the “conservatives” and not the liberal progressive side — just as most of the insults (“Crooked,” ”Lying,” and on and on) come from the conservative candidate while the moderate candidate just repeats the conservative candidates words as proof of their inconsistency. The thought that our country should return to the good old days of the 50’s and 60’s is ridiculous because the country has progressed (oops, there’s that word again) through innovation and improvements.

In closing I would just like to note how many of the news media, including this paper, have declined to endorse Mr. Trump (Mr. Azzarello’s preference) because he is clearly unqualified for so many reasons.

Arnold Knack

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