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Letters to the Editor: September 14, 2016

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Rudy Giuliani, M.D.


Dr. Rudy Giuliani appeared at one Trump’s rallies with a big knot on his head from falling in the shower and was critical of Mrs. Clinton’s health.

His own neurological health seems to be in question since he was mayor of New York when 911 happened in 2001 but he says it happened under Obama’s administration which did not begin until 2008.

Bueford Tunstell


Drive, darn it, drive


What is with all of these drivers lately just setting through Green Lights , and Stop Signs. Upon driving by them I can see the drivers have seized the moment to Text Somebody or Twitter, whatever the latest device.

I want these people ticketed. No I want their house confiscated and the drivers licenses evoked, and their first born taken away.

Use to be once in a blue moon you would see someone swerve over a line, now its a daily occurrence You got it they are talking on a Cell phone.

I own a Computer and a Cell Pone buried deep in the bottom of my purse , turned off. Its for Emergencies, and they are here.

I am going to dig that Cell Phone out and start calling these drivers in. After I have pulled over of course. Can’t turn into one of them.

Vickie Chelini


What’s next?


Until the 1970’s, we were a manufacturing Nation. But, for many reasons, we didn’t keep up. We were told it would be OK because we were going to be a technology Nation and we were for a while. Then education was the answer and the MBA was the degree to get. Reality trumped theories and we were in the full-fledged service ecconomy supported by the bigger theories from PHDs. Of course, a service society can never servive because without the input of external revenue, the government costs will shrink a service-society pie. So credit filled in the gaps.

The housing bubble of 1996 was caused by loosening credit standards. The dot com bust of 2000 and the great recession of 2008 were all attempts to spur the ecconomy through betting credit on a better future. Student loans are a credit-based bet, but seemingly free money always drives costs, not values, up.

Free money worked for a while. But it added debt to those who did not know how to profit from it and made the rich, richer. The amount of debt this time around is staggering. Since, 2008, FED debt is $4 trillion, Federal debt increased by $9 trillion, student debt $2 trillion and consumer debt is $14 trillion, topping the 2008 record. Remember that $1 trillion is about $3,000 for every citizen. We are all carrying an average $100,000 of accumulated debt with compounding interest.

What happens next? Even if the next post-presidential-election bubble is historically small, a 2% drop causes the dreaded deflation that stops spending now because everything is cheaper tomorrow. That compounds the GDP drop, and the debt will keep climbing.

Then what???

Just focus on being ready to help those around you.

Chris Slotten


Weise should be mayor


According to Avondale’s website,

The seat of Mayor shows at this point to be up for runoff between candidates Kenneth Weise and Stephanie Karlin. A final ballot tally will be provided by Maricopa County Elections Department once all early ballots dropped off at City Hall and at the polls and provisional ballots are tabulated.”

KEN WEISE is leading with 49.38% of the vote while Stephanie Karlin has only 26.60% of the vote, and Frank Scott has only 23.64%.

To avoid a November runoff , a candidate must get more than 50 percent of the vote.

Ken Weise is just shy of 50%, whereas Stephanie Karlin is just a little over half way there and Scott is not even half way.

I think it is rediculous for Avondale voters to have to pay for another election in this case, if after the final tally Weise doesn’t make it over the 50% threshold.

If I were Karlin and Scott, and if I really cared about Avondale, I’d back out of the race and allow the clear winner, Ken Weise to prevail.

Patrick Orr


Buckeye patrolling in county


I am writing this letter to let you know of a change in Maricopa county and City of Buckeye court jurisdiction, which may affect your readers.

The unincorporated area, NW of the city limits of Buckeye, on Sun Valley Parkway has always had the ability of being patrolled by any official state approved police department.

The White Tanks court, in the past, was the only entity having jurisdiction over this unincorporated area, specifically pertaining to traffic violations. However, now this unincorporated area, is under joint jurisdiction, between the city of Buckeye and Maricopa County.

Buckeye city police are actively patrolling, this unincorporated area of Maricopa County, in particular, with regards to traffic violations.

By doing so, they are raising increased revenues, for the City of Buckeye, from county citizens outside the official city limits of Buckeye. Go figure, I bet even Sherriff Joe, would be proud.

Greg Key


Can’t change love of culture


What is all this hollering about Trump not understanding the Mexican culture! Of course he doesn’t know! My first wife was Mexican from Mexico. I was crazy about her. I didn’t know that she planned to give me back the engagement ring. I got in a carwreck and was in the Hospital. She and her parents came to the Hospital and the family that was acting as interpreters was there. I said let’s get married now! Her parents agreed, so did my parents. For years she would tell me I trapped her into the marriage.

She loved Mexico! I loved the U.S.A.! As time went on I did not understand that the true love was one sided. I kept trying to please her in anyway I could, it didn’t work. She divorced me after 12 years and three sons! Within a year we were remarried. But all the old problems were still there. After 9 years she divorced me again. Same thing she wanted someone who loved Mexican Culture. I didn’t!

End of story there are two different cultures and two different ways of looking at life. When a person loves their own culture you aren’t going to change them!

Bernard Oviatt Sr.


Shameful behavior


Shame on you… The recent behavior of two prominent sports figures during the playing of our National Anthem is nothing short of SHAMEFUL! Now even the thought of playing the National Anthem at the start of sporting events has come into question! Are you kidding me? Men and women had laid down blood, sweat and tears to make this country what it is today…FREE. Yes, there are all those rights afforded us by the Constitution but in balance... there are responsibilities that go with those rights. These sports figures, on male football player and one female soccer player have no problem having a nice home, expensive cars and a nice salary in this great country of ours yet they use the freedom it provides to protest against it? Go someplace else and protest. Maybe in China or some Eastern European country where you get a two room apartment, ride a bike to work and the state tells you what you will earn. That sounds about right for all those who complain about America and our way of life. It is not the best but… it sure is better than all the others. Why does everybody want to come here? You protesters make me sick with your defiant behavior yet you have not spent one day in the military or in the service of our country. GET OUT! I am sure you and your misguided cause will be accepted with open arms in some other country but be warned… there might be a knock on the door in the middle of the night and your family might not ever see you again because your defiant cause is not in agreement with the government there. Shame on you for accepting all our freedoms and then disrespecting our country!

Larry Carter


NFL hypocrisy


NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem because of the wrong doings against African Americans and minorities in the United States. Now, his coach Chip Kelly says it is “his right as a citizen” to exercise his 1st Amendment right. The NFL does not require its players to stand during the national anthem. President Barack Obama “the great divider” once again reminded us of Kaepernick’s right. Hey Barack, ask yourself is this really a presidential issue?

I must remind Americans that the national anthem has always been a special part of the pre-game ceremony, in most all sporting events. Chip Kelly also has the right as a coach not to call Kaepernick’s name to play by leaving him sitting on the bench. My issue is not what Kaepernick does or doesn’t do but the over attention by liberal media.

Watching the NFL up coming season show they high-lighted and reminded viewers of Kaepernick’s 1st Amendment right. They also reminded us of the new NFL rule that profanity is considered “detrimental to the league” ad will be addressed with fines and game suspensions denying players of their 1st Amendment rights. Since the NFL says one thing and then does another, call it is called open hypocrisy. I decided to exercise my 1st Amendment rights by calling up Direct TV’s Sunday NFL ticket and canceled my subscription in the name of Kaepernick.

Thomas M. Brosius

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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Patrick:

   Would it be fair to say you find his statements deplorablewink

porr000's picture


I reject your progressives premises and I dare say that everyone else is just as bad.

Your premises are bigoted.

And a far as I know, there has never been a study done that supports your claim.

You are also probably calling some things lies, that really aren't.

Your formula, Hillary lies +, Hillary is a progressive, = progressives are liars, is false.

I expect better from you than that.


Gordon Posner's picture

   For some reason one of my links didn't "take", so I'll try to post it again.  It's the one about Hillary having provided more medical info than Lying Trump.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Thomas:

  I'm not "defending" (the better word is "asserting") any such thing.  To some extent everyone lies!

   But I'm fed up with the self-righteous attacks on Hillary's honesty (let's leave Bill out of this, he's not a candidate) from people who appear to be supporting Lying Trump.  In the first place, I find many (not all) of the accusations of lying made against her to be either false, or trivial.  On the other hand, as my reference indicated, Trump has lied on much more important matters, and has done so far more frequently!  Yet somehow he gets a "pass" from his supporters (or from critics of Hillary).

   As for "sources", I'd say Politico was far more reliable than Breitbart, The Drudge Report, or dear old Faux News.  (And infinitely more so than Lying Trump and the Trumpsters.)

   (And in case you didn't notice, I provided no "source" in that Comment, but to get the "lie-off" started, I'll provide some at the end of this one.  None of them from Politico.)

   Yes, I'm well aware that "voting against someone" is a major part of this election.  Then again, when isn't it?  Take the Factless Wonder, for example.  Every election year (since he first started writing here) he's argued against the Democratic candidate far more strongly than he's argued for the Republican choice.  (Except for telling us the Republican "walks on water" and can "raise the dead", etc.)  Your fixation with "Progressives" is more of the same.

  And like Roy, and other extremists, you falsely accuse others of what you're guilty of yourself!  The phenomenon I've mentioned (of Lying Trump getting a "pass") has been noted before, and I have an unimpeachably non-Progressive source for it!

I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK? . . . . It’s, like, incredible.

  That, of course, was Lying Trump himself, in probably the only truthful statement he's made.  And The Washington Times is hardly a “progressive liberal” publication, so what it reports must be true!

   Now, let's move on to the "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City".  Maybe you've forgotten that, so here's some sources for you (none of them Politico, but I'm sure you'll reject them as "liberal progressive" so you can ignore what they say).

  The latter details Lying Trump's cruel mockery of the reporter who dared say the Liar-in-Chief was wrong.  Here's a video him doing so.  I'll let you decide which to believe, Trump or your "lying eyes"!

   And, of course, his supporters (the "Trumpsters") are happy to follow his alteration of the claim through it's many versions (it wasn't dancing in the streets, it was rooftop parties; it wasn't in Jersey City but somewhere in Northern Jersey), all the way to the most pathetic of all: "Well, there were Muslims dancing somewhere on Earth on that day"!

   What makes this even worse is that Trump had an "easy out".  He was probably thinking of the many videos and news reports about Palestinians celebrating 9/11 in the West Bank and Gaza.  But he lacks the grace to admit he was mistaken.  (Much less apologize for slandering the Muslims of Jersey City, and American Muslims as a whole.)

   Oh, but Hillary tried to conceal her health problems.  Obviously that's "far worse" than accusing innocent people of celebrating mass murder!

   Of course, even there he loses the "lie-off".  You see, as far back as 2015 Hillary released more info on her health than Lying Trump has (so far).

   And let's not forget his tax returns (but we can deal with that another time).

   So allow me to finish this start of the "official" Lie-off with an incomplete list of the fibs he's told.  After you've dealt with all of this, we can go on to other examples which trump (pun intended) almost anything you care to throw at Hillary!

   I apologize for any duplication between the lists, but that's almost inevitable where Lying Trump is concerned!

   Your turn.


Gordon, I

f you’re attempting to defend that the Clinton’s don’t lie you can only use rhetoric devices to diminish the truth. You have to discredit the messenger (me) by dragging Trump into it. What are you going to do depend on Politico an unreliable source?

You better war-up to the idea that this election is about voting against someone, rather than voting for somebody. Your beloved Hillary is currently losing, which is subject to change, and is NOT liked by the majority voters. No need to panic yet as Trump will more than likely put his foot in his mouth making him an unpopular candidate.

You can wrestle with the argument of why not just the Clinton’s but, why progressive liberals are such pathological liars is because of progressive addiction.

Premise 1: Progressives lie because they get away with lying and they succeed because their supporters are gullible.

Premise 2: Progressive addiction allows for arrogance and is the reason why they can lie with a clear conscience.

Argument: Progressive addiction provides for a liberal dishonesty which makes it impossible to debate any issues with them. Makes for a valid argument as both premises support the argument. Kind if sticks in your craw.


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Thomas:

   Well you're a true "Trumpster", making a vague and demeaning remark that's impossible to understand precisely, but which leaves a bad taste in the mouth nonetheless.

   Which part of my Comment are you objecting to?  If the part about your "Medical license", I guess you failed to notice the "winking face" (wink), indicating I was joking!

   If you're talking about the P.S., it was clearly addressing your sarcastic claim that the Clintons "always tell the truth".  In which case, it's no suprise you did that, since falsely accusing others of what you're doing yourself is a prime tactic of "Trumpsters".

   You want to have a "lie-off"?  Fine, let's start with Lying Trump's claim to have seen a video of "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City".  It's been debunked many times, but he still hasn't admitted that never happened.  (Unlike, of all people to win an "honesty award", Ben Carson).  After that, we can move on to all the other lies he's been caught in.

P.S. - Missed me?

Sorry Gordon, but your “red herring” is showing. Your argument is addressing a point other than the actual issue. I forgot that a “progressive liberal” doesn’t lie; they just don’t remember the truth.


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Carter and Mr. Brosius:

   I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the Letter I'm sending this week to be published before I comment fully on yours.  You see, I'm referring to them (briefly) in my Letter, and promising "more on-line".  I'd rather post my Comments at the same time as the Letter.  Hopefully you can stand the wait.

   But let me give you a brief "spoiler": the title of this Comment doesn't refer to Kaepernick's conduct.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Oviatt:

   Shakespeare wrote that "Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind".

   It sounds to me as if both of you were blinded by love, and didn't fully realize how mismatched you were.  But don't blame Mexico or Mexicans!  How many marriages has the serial adulterer Newt Gingrich had?  Care to count how many times Trump has been married and divorced?  Heck, even Reagan divorced and then married again (to a different wife of course).  I don't recall any Mexicans being involved.

   Sorry, but when people speak of bigotry they're referring to the kind of thing you wrote.  What difference does it make your wife was Mexican?  The same thing could have happened had she been from another country or culture, from a different religion, or even from a different State!  After all, though I live in Arizona now, "you can't take New York out of the New Yorker".


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