Letters to the Editor - December 28, 2016

Subversives among us


Donald Trump wants to unite the country. Through no fault of his own, he will try but fail, because , oil and water , so to speak do not mix. A majority of Americans do want us to be great again. However, a significant number of other people do not share that goal. Who are these other people? If you were to guess Progressives, you would be correct. Their core values differ greatly from the core values of those of us who love America.

Progressives like Obama , Clinton, Reid, Pelosi and Jill Stein to name a few, run rampant in all levels of government and academia. Progressives have hijacked the Democratic Party. The great party of JFK is long gone .Progressives are extremely smart, cunning and strong , working almost as a subversive force. They champion a one world government and want to bring America down. John Kerry has frequently described himself as being a citizen of the world.

Here’s proof. Michael Moore a Progressive leader and filmmaker is urging people to protest in Washington DC on Inauguration Day. He is also urging those in other nations to protest at a U S embassy or border point. Here is the real proof . Moore said “ Our allegiance ( Progressives ) is NOT to make America great again, but to all of humanity and the planet. Disrupt Jan 20 ”

His words say a lot. They are alarming and irrational . He does not love America. He embraces anarchy .One could liken Progressives to a “ fifth column” actively at work here. Now the reader can understand why I have been writing my letters criticizing Progressives for years and years. I long ago understood the danger they represent to our freedom and way of life !

Roy Azzarello


Trump and Nikki Haley


Roy Azzarello complains in his Dec. 14th letter that Trump picked Nikki Haley for Ambassador to the UN, saying she isn’t qualified, has collaborated with Progressives, and is a disgrace.

Trump said in September that he will chose the best people for his administration. So Roy, was Trump lying, or are you?

Maybe Trump selected her because he wants to grab her by the ...


Patrick Orr



Let’s clean up elections


Let’s keep elections clean. By eliminating the electoral vote, we can establish the voters ID system.

In order to obtain a voter’s ID the citizen must present his or her birth certificate or U. S. passport, driver’s license to be excluded. Heavens forbid we do not want undocumented democrats to vote.

I also suggest we use only paper ballots in order to prevent the electronic system to be tampered with. By doing so it will prevent the changes that occurred in states like Texas, Georgia and South Carolina, where votes were change from republican to democrat. One wonders why Hillary Clinton had so many votes.

By establishing this system it will eliminate all the crying, counseling and all of the shenanigans that are still being carry on by the Democratic Party, like recounting the votes, blaming the Russians for the elections outcome. Not to mention the BASKET OF DEPLORABLES THAT VOTED FOR TRUMP. My family include.

Jaime Ruiz-Sandoval
Litchfield Park


Hysterical left


The recent reaction and attempts by the left to de legitimize Mr. Trump’s victory exposes their contempt for the Constitution and fair play. First they tried to delay electoral certification by unnecessary recounts in three key states. Next came uncivil harassment and intimidation of electors which the Justice Department ignored. Now they are pinning their hopes on the Russians leaking embarrassing but true Podesta and Hillary emails. However, they avoid one important fact, the wiki-leaks spokesman, Mr. Julian Assange, stated that the leaks did not come from the Russians.

Indeed, why would the Russians want Mr. Trump to win anyway? Did they advise Hillary to campaign in Arizona one week before the election and avoid Wisconsin? They have had their way with President Obama and Hillary Clinton in Syria, Crimea, and the Ukraine. The last thing they want is a promised, revitalized military to thwart their adventurism. And, it would certainly be easier to blackmail someone who is sloppy with her emails and cares little about protecting our national security.

Yes, the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, etc are all trying to hack us as we are trying to hack them. But that doesn’t mean they influenced the election. Instead of inserting rumors and innuendoes of Russian hacking by unnamed sources into the election process by a politicized CIA, we need a consensus of the CIA, NSA, and the FBI before we can reach any conclusions about attempted cyber attacks. Hopefully the recommended hacking investigations will strengthen our cyber security, something our current President and his party did not take too seriously.

Igor Shpudejko


Magic lamp wishes


Now, some people are blaming Russia for cyber-hacking and this (supposedly) caused Hillary Clinton to lose the 2016 Election. The Electoral College will be re-casting their votes on Dec. 19th, to see who really won the Election; While Donald Trump is busy selecting his cabinet members...

All I can say is: “Wow! That magic lamp I have, really works!” I bought it at a second-hand store last year. When I was cleaning it, I found it had an inscription on the bottom of it: it appears to be in Arabic or Farsi.

I looked it up in a foreign language dictionary. Translated, it says: “This lamp has the power to grant one wish, every ten years...”

That means I will have to wait until 2026 to ask for “$650 million Dollars...”

Ten years later, for “a 20 year-old body...”

Another ten years later, for “no more insomnia...”

Oh darn, I forgot to ask for: “The man of my dreams.” If I wish for him 40 years from now, he will be over 100 years-old when this wish gets granted.

Ten years from now, I’ll ask the genie if he can bundle my wish (like Cox offers its’ services). That genie will probably tell me: “I’m a genie, not a miracle worker!” I did ask for “one-Hundred bucks” when I was driving through Verrado a few weeks ago: look what happened — all those deer roaming through the neighborhood.

In the meantime, I wish everyone “a very Merry Christmas and an awesome (2017) “New Years!” If you get a magic lamp for Christmas, wish for Love, Peace and Harmony in our world. Get out and drive and sing along with your radio. I like CCRS’ “Looking out my backdoor” and “Green River.”

Laura Rivas

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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Shpudejko:

  You know, one of the key concepts of the Constitution is Due Process, which (together with notions of "fair play") requires one not make sweeping generalizations against an entire group of people absent proof the entire group was involved.  So you blame that almost mythical creature "the left" for the actions of some people?  Aside from their opposition to Lying Trump, what proof do you have that they are of "the left", let alone that everyone who fits that description agrees with their actions?

   Then there's this blather about "delegitimize", a "talking point" that members of "the right" have been spewing lately.  Leaving aside the rather large question of whether or not that's what "the left" is trying to do, doesn't that assume Lying Trump's victory was legitimate in the first place?  If you're so sure it was, why the obvious fear you express at any questioning of it?

   And what "uncivil harassment and intimidation of electors" are you babbling about?  You mean the protests that some people engaged in?  Golly, doesn't the Constitution say something about a right of Free Speech, and a right to peacefully assemble in order to seek "a redress of grievances"?  Seems to me I read that somewhere.

   Or do those constitutional principles only apply when it's hoards of Republi-Cons trying to storm Florida Boards of Election to stop a re-count (as happened in 2000), or similar hoards trying to "take over" meetings with Democratic members of Congress in the Summer of 2009, preventing anyone else from speaking?  Spare me your hypocrisy, sir.

   Oh, and please remember that recounts are authorized by Law!  Since when is exercising a legal right "contempt for the Constitution and fair play"?

   As for the question of Russian hacking, I wonder (as I've wondered repeatedly) will "your side" be so blase' about it when it's the e-mails of the RNC and Lying Trump that are hacked!  (Oh, and not all the hacks flowed through Wikileaks, so who cares what fugitive-from-justice Assange says?)

   For the record, I don't think any of this "delegitimizes" Lying Trump, in part for reasons I already expressed in response to Mr. Compton.


   The rest of your partisan drivel needs no response. (Lying Trump is the President-elect after all, so why raise any of that?)  But at least you end your Letter with one rational remark:  We should fully investigate what happened, not to undo the election, but (hopefully) to prevent such hacking from happening again!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Sandoval:

   But undocumented Republicans are okay?

   I only ask because despite all the loud screaming Republi-Cons do about this issue, they've failed to provide any proof to support their claim of wide-spread voter fraud!

   On the other hand, there have been multiple instances of localized fraud, such as the following examples:

   1) Pinal County Republican candidate withdraws from race when it's learned his companion continued to vote after her death!



  2) Steve Bannon (campaign CEO and now "consigliere" to Republican Trump) was registered to vote at an empty house!


   3) A Republican candidate (McCrae) for Soil and Water Supervisor in North Carolina claims wide-spread voter fraud on behalf of his Democratic opponent, but it turns out the only fraud was committed on his behalf!


   I trust, sir, you notice what these stories have in common:  A) Any fraud was purely local, and   B) The fraud was committed by or on behalf of Republicans!  I certainly think members of the G.O.P. should be required to provide proper Id.  (I also think a good handwriting expert would be a greater safeguard against fraud.)

P.S. - Now, how about some proof for your claim that votes were changed in Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina?

Gordon Posner's picture

   Let it never be said I don't give credit when it's due.  Bravo to President-elect Trump for his successful criticism of the attempt by the newly installed House of Representatives to water down the ethics procedure.  Preventing such an action is deserving of praise.

   Let's see if he's so punctillious about ethics when it's his own.

Gordon Posner's picture

   Oh, and praise to the View for changing its CAPTCHA method of insuring we're not "robots" when we want to post Comments.  The old system (using numbers and letters, often distorted) was easy to get wrong, resulting in the need for multiple attempts.  The new system (involving selecting relevant pictures) works much better.  I was going to write a Comment suggesting the View adopt that system (as other websites have), but they beat me to it!  Well done.

porr000's picture


Standing with Israel does not mean supporting what it's leader does 100%. By not vetoing this resolution, the US is no longer protecting Netanyahu from the UN consequences for his illegal actions of building settlements in the West Bank. Those actions are a major cause of antagonism in the Israli/Palestinian conflict and is a clear violation of the UN Two State solution. It is also a contributing factor to why we need to spend so much money on Israel's defence.

It is similar to a parent who financially supports their child who is destroying their life with drugs.

Back in March, 2015, when Netanyahu announced there will be no Palestinian State on his watch as Prime Minister, Obama warned that the US will then need to rethink its position regarding protecting Israel from the UN sanctions for illegally annexing Palestinian territory. If Netanyahu was going to abandon striving for peace, then we need to abandon turning a blind eye toward his infractions.

We still are just as committed to Israel's security as ever.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Patrick:

   Though I prefer my "drunk driver" metaphor to your "kid on drugs"! wink

Dear Patrick,

Yes, we are still just as committed to Israel's national security and military defense not to mention the unquestionable American tax dollars being used. You’re very convincing and I don’t disagree, but only raise some subjective opinions.

However should we continue to fully support Israel?

When the Obama Administration did not veto the UN resolution in reality accomplished absolutely nothing, with exception of playing into Netanyahu’s hand. The end result is Trump decided to jump in and appears to be in agreement with Netanyahu’s agenda.

Since 1945 every United States president, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party has continued the foreign policy that puts Israel First, even above American interests. However, Trump’s concept of “Make America Great Again” entails putting America first which would be in direct conflict with supporting Israel’s interests with American tax dollars.

Will Trump abandon his “America First” idea and leave all decisions of building West Bank settlements, driving all Palestinians into Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, demonizing Iran and Hezbollah to Netanyahu and the Israelis?


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Thomas:

   My, my, my, it sounds as if you're abandoning your blind support of Netanyahu.  Careful, Roy's going to call you a "subversive Progressive"!  wink

   But I'm afraid your speculation goes right off the "deep end".

   First, how is allowing the resolution to go through "playing into Netanyahu’s hand"?  From his perspective the vote would be a "win-win" no matter what happened.  Veto, and he claims victory.  Don't veto, and he plays "David" to Obama's "Goliath".  About the only way to avoid that would be for our ambassador to take a "sick day", and not show up.

   If you're going to be hung as either a ram or a sheep, let it be as a ram.

   Second, for Lying Trump, one of the "perks" of being President-elect is that you get to "jump in" as much as you like.  (Not that he was ever reticent about it before.)  So, again, only a "sick day" could avoid that.

   Third, what exactly does the phrase "Make America Great Again" mean?  Lying Trump (as always) is long on rhetoric, but short on details.  And the few times he's provided any, they either are contrary to reality, filled with self-contradiction, or else are "walked back" within 24 hours (if not less).  It's one reason I suspect many "Trumpsters" are going to be bitterly disappointed over the next few years, as they discover their idea of "greatness" doesn't match what Lying Trump does, or "accomplishes".

   Fourth, a more interesting question (and this is pure speculation) is what will Lying Trump do when Putin (together with Trump's implicit approval) has made Syria "safe for dictatorship" again?  After all, Assad is no friend of Israel.  Suppose Putin decides to back his ties with Hamas and Hezbollah, or Syria's manipulation of Lebanon?   Then, of course, there's the possibility of a direct attack on Israel (under the "nuclear shield" of Iran's resumed development of THE BOMB, should we scrap the Iran deal).  How does "putting America first" deal with that?

   (Golly, it's almost as if foreign policy is more than a matter of snappy slogans, 30 second sound bites, bumper stickers, and Twits!)

   And given what some people seem to think "America First" (etc.) means, why shouldn't Lying Trump leave all foreign policy decisions in that part of the world to Netanyahu?  Isn't that what you were advocating in the last on-line edition of the View?

Dear Gordon,

PLEASE READ! Never said, I supported Netanyahu’s position and is your “Dumb Ass Mistake” it was Patrick;s queation. Hope your not color blind, highlighted in “red” is proof of who said what. Highlighted in “green” is Netanyahu and Trump’s subjective opinion, not Thomas’s.

“You might say that using the Christmas and Chanukah holidays “the Democrat” President Obama has reversed a longstanding U.S. policy that in the end delegitimizes Israel. Both Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump’s view the Obama Administration’s position as a betrayal to Israel. Therefore, Gordon either stands with Netanyahu and Trump or he must abandon the Israeli point of view in favor of the “hypocrite” Obama's action. There is no middle ground to hide upon on this issue”.

Illegal Anex

posted by Patrick on Tue, 12/27/2016 - 8:30am

Thomas, while we are at it, why don't you explain for us why you support Netanyahu's action of taking over parts of the Palestinian territory in the West Bank. Then after that, you can explain why the US should continue to support it (Patrick ).

Because of Gordon’s “false assumption” your entire argument has no foundation. Your pure speculation is a subjective opinion (no facts necessary ) but, is a possibility and only time will tell.


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Thomas:

   You, sir, are deluded, or simply pathlogically dishonest.  You want to play the "I literally didn't say that" game?  Fine, I never said you supported Netanyahu's position, I said that's what your reaction to the U.N. vote amounted to!

   Again and again I challenged you to address the substance of what happened there, and why the U.S. didn't veto the resolution.  Again and again you evaded and avoided that issus, simply screaming about how Obama had "betrayed" Israel, and telling me (and this time I am quoting you literally) that:

Therefore, Gordon either stands with Netanyahu and Trump or he must abandon the Israeli point of view in favor of the “hypocrite” Obama's action.  There is no middle ground to hide upon on this issue.

   (Oh, and since you like the color so much, I hope you noticed I highlighted that in red.)

   I'm sorry, liar, but there is a middle ground, and one that doesn't involve "hiding".  Netanyahu is wrong to build those settlements.  It's a policy which is destructive to Israel in the long-run.  So, the only "betrayal" is to blindly support his policy, and by your attack on the President that's exactly what you were doing.

   You had plenty of chances to say "I don't support the policy, but we should have vetoed the resolution anyway", you chose to evade, avoid, and ignore all the opportunities I gave you to say that, and discuss that.  Don't blame me if the obvious conclusion is that you do blindly support Netanyahu, and don't give a damn about Israel's future!  (Or, the alternative: that you're just so blindly partisan on this issue that all you want is to attack Obama, and you don't give a damn about Israel's future!)

   I've always thought you a fool who tries to "impress" us with obfuscatory language (i.e.: "big words") that actually make no sense.  I've often noted your complete ignorance both of history (in which you pretend to knowledge) and other things.  But now I must conclude you are simply incapable of being truthful!

   You are, indeed, a follower of Lying Trump.

P.S. - And where did you get the idea that what I wrote about the possible future in the Middle East was "speculation"?  Gee, could the following start of my Fourth point have given you a clue?

Fourth, a more interesting question (and this is pure speculation)

   Thank you Captain Obvious.

Gordon Posner's picture

   Oh, and Thomas, one thing I've noticed in that "toxic dump" of empty rhetoric you've engaged in on this topic (both here and in the last issue):  you've never stated what your view of Netanyahu's Settlements policy is.  So allow me to ask a straight-forward "Yes or No" question:

Do you agree with his policy of building Settlements on the West Bank?

   You said "time will tell", but will you?



Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Patrick:

   Thanks for the link.  That article, of course, deals with the critical issue people like Thomas prefer to evade, avoid, and pretend doesn't exist.

   What I found most important is the question Professor Avineri (a Jew and an Israeli) asked: "Is this what Zionism is about?"

   People like Thomas probably think even asking such a question is a "betrayal" of Israel, but it comes from a key part of Judaism.  The great Rabbi, Hillel, once asked three questions:

  1. If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
  2. But, if I am for myself alone, then what am I?
  3. And if not now, when?

   I've always felt the second to be the most important, and it springs directly from Judaism's emphasis on ethical conduct.  I fear that people like Netanyahu (and those who blindly support him) are "killing the Jewish Soul" of Israel, and that as a result the "Jewish State" will become "a nation like any other nation".  If you remember the warning of the Prophet Samuel, you know how badly that turned out the last time my people tried it!

   As I said to Thomas, friends don't let friends drunk with power drive.  (At least, they warn the driver there's a cliff ahead.)

David Compton's picture

Gordon, sorry to be so late responding to your response to my letter.  The "novella" I wrote was intended to be a bit satirical when I wrote it, but I think it is now more factual than I originally thought.  I know it may be premature and a bit frivolous to conclude the Russians manipulated the election to Trump's favor, but don't you think the Russians would use even the speculation of this to manipulate Trump now that he is coming into power and force him (with Tillerson's help) to join in with their maniacal initiatives?  Just asking.


Thank You Gordon & Happy Chanukah & Happy New Year!


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Dave:

   Here are a few of my thoughts in reply (not in any order or priority):

1) When referring back to a prior Comment, why not do what I do and include a link to the Comment itself?  That way people don't have to go hunt for it, and can more easily view your Reply in context?  (It's why I do it.  I also put a link to the Reply as a "reply" to the Comment itself, so that people can know there's more on the discussion elsewhere.)

Speaking of which, here's the link to my prior Comment: http://www.westvalleyview.com/comment/25698#comment-25698

2) Although reality should determine policy (something Bush the Second never learned, and I fear Lying Trump refuses to learn), there's no question that appearance and perception are a big part of politics.  (I assume that's what you mean by "speculation".)  So I agree that even the perception of successful Russian hacking can be used to manipulate.  After all, as I pointed out in my Comment (however facetiously), what's to prevent similar hacking on behalf of Elizabeth Warren (or whomever) in 2020?  Even the possible threat of such a thing might make Lying Trump (and company) "err in favor of Putin" when making their policy decisions.  (Though I suspect Lying Trump is more impressed by how good Putin is "in the sack".  wink )

   3) I think Patrick told me he's heard another possibility: that the Russians also hacked Lying Trump's campaign, and the RNC, to use the information for future blackmail.  If so, that's another version of point two.

   The point, of course, remains that while we can't undo the election, the "don't worry, be happy" attitude of our "friends on the right" is short-sighted indeed.  (Not that they're ever "long-sighted".)  Again, should the Democratic candidate win in 2020 thanks to such hacking, especially if with a bare majority of the Electoral votes (but with less Popular votes than Lying Trump - if he's running), we can expect "conservatives" to "spin on a dime" on this one!

Gordon Posner's picture

  Oops, forgot to add thanks, and

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Ms. Rivas:

   I'm confused, did you wish for the nation to be run by a narcissistic meglomaniac with no perception of reality, or did you wish for those "Hundred Bucks"?

   Or was Lying Trump one of those "bucks"?  Given the "manly" way he treats women, he certainly sounds like he's in heat!

   But if you truly wish for "Love, Peace and Harmony in our world" you might start by realizing not everyone celebrates Christmas.  Would it have killed you to add "Happy Chanukah"?

   Oh, and since that genie isn't a miracle worker, I'm afraid that wish won't come true so long as Lying Trump is in charge!  (But you can wish for your military stocks to go up, particularly the companies making nuclear bombs and fall-out shelters!  That's almost a certainty.)



America already IS GREAT, and if you don't believe that, then YOU are the problem, not the boogie men progressives.




Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Dennis:

   I agree, but here's a question the "Factless Wonder" (and the rest of the "Trumpsters") should ask themselves:  What makes America great?  Is it having a powerful military or economy?  Hardly.  Plenty of nations had such things at one time or another, yet their "hour upon the stage" wasn't eternal.

   What makes America great is our ideals, and how we strive to live up to them, along with the other things I listed last July (and will continue to list every July) in my Letter "American Exceptionalism".

   Roy apparently thinks that lying, slandering, and stirring up hatred and division are what make a nation "great".  It didn't work for Germany under Hitler, nor the Soviet Union under Stalin, nor even thousands of years ago under Antichos Epiphanes.  Sadly, Roy refuses to learn from the mistakes of history, so he's doomed to repeat them.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Patrick:

   Good point, and it fits in beautifully with a previous Letter of mine (printed before the election), and my Comment to Roy here.

   Remember when I wrote about Roy's "Words of Wisdom" (Oct. 12th), and quoted him as saying that Lying Trump might be "a Democratic plant", could be "worse than Obama", compared Trump to Hitler and Mussolini, and warned against the man's "obnoxious and deceitful personality"?  Of course, Roy later decided Lying Trump was the "Messiah"!  (Except, when it came to appointing the "Progressive" Ms. Haley.)

   Makes you wonder if Roy was lying then, or is lying now?

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Roy:

   You do realize the attitude you expressed is exactly the same as all tyrants!  Any disagreement becomes "treason", and those who disagree with their policies are "subversives" out to "destroy" the country they "hate".  Why don't you just quote from Stalin's show trials and demand that "all these mad dogs be shot!"

   As proof that "conservatives" really don't believe in the Constitution they pretend to "revere" (particularly the First Amendment) I'd call your Letter "Exhibit B".  (Exhibit A is all the similar crap you and other "conservatives" have been spewing for decades, to say nothing of similar crap spewed by Lying Trump.)

   You want to see the real threat to "our freedom and way of life", look in the nearest mirror.

P.S. - A piece of free advice:  Don't ever write such a Letter about Lying Trump, no matter how disappointed you may come to be in him (such as in his choice of U.N. Ambassador).  He's made it clear he wants to strip people of the protection of the First Amendment, so he can silence them by suing them into Bankruptcy.


P.P.S. - Who cares what idiocy Mr. Moore allegedly utters?  Blame him for it, but don't blame an entire group of people (those who voted against Lying Trump).

    Except, proving you are (as ever) the "Factless Wonder", it turns out Moore didn't say that.  The line about "allegiance" comes from the website of DisruptJ20, not Moore.  (Though, to be accurate, he has cited to that website in a Tweet, and obviously supports the protest idea.)

   Need I add there's nothing to indicate "Progressives", "liberals", or members of the Democratic Party support any of that.  But how typically hypocritical of you to blame them for the actions of this bunch, while ignoring how much Klan members, Neo-Nazis, and other members of the "Alt-Right" will be celebrating Lying Trump's inauguration.  Then again, you always were deplorable!

Gordon Posner's picture

Note: this is in response to a Comment in the previous issue: http://www.westvalleyview.com/comment/25763#comment-25763

Dear Thomas:

   Looking in the mirror again, are we?  That describes you perfectly.  All you offer is empty rhetoric, and that's all you ever have.

  It's rather hilarious that you claim I'm the one who "brought up" the issue of "the Palestinian territory in the West Bank", that's what the U.N. resolution we're discussing was about!  I guess you couldn't be bothered to read the thing before starting to post your Comments about it, nor even when I posted a link to it.  But here's your second chance to learn the relevant facts about this, and (if you're capable of it, which I doubt) make an informed Comment.


   As for your continued need to "thump your chest" about the results of this election, I trust you'll allow me to do the same if in 2018 the Republicans suffer the same "fate" as the Democrats did in 2010, or if in 2020 we're celebrating the election of President Elizabeth Warren.

   Remember my number one political mantra?  It's a long way to Election Day.  That clock was reset on November 9th.  Let's see if Lying Trump hits a home run, or strikes out, before crowing too loud.

P.S. - But in your own dishonest way you have answered the questions I posed to you.  Obviously, you do think being "pro-Israel" means blindly supporting whatever Netanyahu does!

Gordon Posner's picture

Note: this is in response to a Comment in the previous issue: http://www.westvalleyview.com/comment/25764#comment-25764

Dear Thomas:

   I may be full of "smokehouse barbecue sauce", but at least that's savory, and even somewhat nutrious.  What you're full of is neither, and it's poisonous!

   Thanks for proving, yet again, that you have no good or honest response to make, by evading and avoiding what I wrote.

P.S. - And I've already been "back to New York" this month, though I flew there instead of taking the Interstate.  I had to attend the funeral of a dear friend, and even dead he demonstrated more honesty and wisdom than you'll ever have.

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