Buckeye police arrest man at HOA meeting

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The frustrations of a Buckeye man in dealing with his homeowners' association board apparently spilled over last month.

Joseph E. Jarvis, 48, was arrested by Buckeye police and accused of disrupting a meeting of the Sundance Residential Homeowners Association.

Jarvis later was released from custody, but not before being charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing, both misdemeanors.

Jarvis, an electronic engineer who lives in a deed-restricted community near Dean and Yuma roads, is neither the first person nor will he be the last to express displeasure with an HOA board.

However, his complaints, unlike those of other people, have landed him in court, where the accuracy of the criminal charges are likely to be tried and decided.

Jarvis is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 30 in the Buckeye Municipal Court. He said Friday he plans to take the case to trial and mount a vigorous defense.

Jarvis is accused of being loud and disruptive during the annual business meeting of the Sundance Residential HOA, allegations he strongly denies.

"How demeaning and disgusting this whole incident is," Jarvis wrote in a document offered to the View describing his opinions and feelings about the case. "Furthermore, I never got in anyone's face ... nor was I raising my voice or causing any commotion."

Jarvis also is accused of refusing to leave the meeting when asked to do so, but he describes the entire incident as "an abomination, filled with lies and deceit."

The business meeting took place Sept. 24 at the Sundance Community Center, 930 S. Sundance Parkway, in Buckeye.

The annual gathering was conducted by the Sundance Residential HOA board and by Associated Asset Management, or AAM, a Tempe-based property and community manager for the HOA board.

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