An expanded new library in Goodyear, set to replace the existing one by the end of 2013, will include programs for West Valley entrepreneurs.

The Goodyear branch of the Maricopa County Library is partnering with Arizona State University’s SkySong incubator program, which will provide space for business leaders to meet and pursue new developments.

According to a city press release, Tracy Lea, venture manager at ASU’s SkySong center, unveiled its Alexandria Model, an approximate 1,000-square-foot room plan, at a July 8 meeting.

“We appreciate SkySong because we know of its successes,” Mayor Georgia Lord said in a press release. “I’ve heard and seen the successes there, and we look forward to having our successes here.”

Nelson Mitchell, public relations coordinator for the Maricopa Library District, said the Alexandria Model provides an opportunity to have space for those involved in small businesses to learn more about small business.

“Our goal is to provide additional resources and services to the public, and the focus in this case is on small business and entrepreneurship,” he said.

The library is budgeted at $1 million. It will be 9,600 square feet. Construction has not yet begun.

According to Erin MacFarlene, the library’s new branch manager, contractor bids will go to the City Council Aug. 26.

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