Pet of the Week: Monet


You wanted pets, we give you pets.

With this weekly feature readers can view profiles of adoptable cats and dogs of various shapes and sizes from Glendale’s Sun Valley Animal Shelter.

Most of the animals that will have their mugs shown in this space will be canines and felines that are a little harder to place because of size, age or a special need, but are wonderful pets nonetheless. Each animal has its own character so if you’re smitten by an animal in this column, head down to the shelter and see for yourself.

There’s no guarantee it will still be there, but if it’s not, maybe the shelter has another animal that fits your own needs, your own personality. Here’s this week’s Pet of the Week:

NAME: Monet

SEX: Female, spayed

AGE: 3 years old

BREED: Domestic medium hair

COLOR: Black and white

OTHER: I like to dissect pet names here in this column, and Monet is a curious one, indeed. Mostly because Claude Monet, the famous French impressionist painter, was a male, and this Monet, a feline, is a female. Monet, though, does sound like a great female name, especially if you French it up and really draw out that finale syllable, the one with the silent T. The name also gives you an excuse to a call this cat Claude, which is never a bad name for any pet, except maybe a kangaroo — irony is a foreign language to marsupials. In any case, here is Monet, a pleasant little cat with a notable little patchwork of black and white fur on her face. She’s a no-nonsense cat, the kind that crashes for a nap and doesn’t want to be bothered until she’s good and ready. Try Wednesday … of next week. That’s not to suggest she’s mean or rude; she’s just very quiet and set in her ways. What she needs is an owner who will respect this mindset until she’s comfortable enough to let a new person into her personal little cat sphere. Maybe that sounds crazy, but if you’ve ever had a cat, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Ignore the cat and she will come to you, and you’ll have a friend for life. That about right, cat owners?

To adopt Monet or other pets from Glendale’s Sun Valley Animal Shelter, the West Valley’s largest no-kill animal shelter, call 623-872-7941 or visit the website The shelter is at 7150 N. 110th Ave., Glendale, one mile west of Loop 101, northwest of the intersection of Glendale Avenue and Glen Harbor Boulevard. Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays. The shelter is closed Mondays.