Brandon Williams, owner of Anthony’s Plumbing

Brandon Williams, owner of Anthony’s Plumbing, is emphasizing safety by offering free plumbing advice through a phone/video chat tab at

Brandon Williams wants what’s best for the clients of his company, Anthony’s Plumbing—especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.. 

He and his staff show they care by leaving handwritten messages, plungers and a roll of toilet paper on his customers’ doorsteps. 

“I hope you and your family are well during these hard times,” the note reads. He also includes his personal phone number to give free plumbing advice as needed. The first time, within hours, he received text messages saying thank you, and saw social media posts about the kind gesture. 

It’s all in a day’s work for Williams. 

Now, the Goodyear-based company is offering free plumbing advice through a phone/video chat tab on its website,

“If you have a plumbing problem in your home, and you’re unsure if you can do it and it’s not an emergency, we’ve set up a help page where we can do a video call,” Williams said.

“Customers can schedule a time with a plumber. They get about 10 minutes of time—FaceTime or phone call—and during that time we can help them diagnose the issue. It’ll save the customer quite a bit of money and there’s less exposure (potentially to COVID-19). It helps everyone.”

If the problem is bigger than the customer thought, and he or she is unable to fix it, Williams said, with a laugh, he can “recommend a really good plumber.”

Williams said it feels like he has been in the plumbing trade for his entire life. His grandfather, great-grandfather and son are all in the business.

“I never wanted to start my own company,” Williams said. 

While working for another company, however, the owner pulled him aside and suggested he do so because of his vast knowledge of the trade.

“You’ve got it,” he recalled his then-boss telling him. “You just need to do it. You have the personality and you handle the customers well. You’re going to do really well.”

The rest is history.

Williams founded his company—named after his son, Anthony—in 2006. 

“It’s been great. I had time for my kids and my son’s baseball,” Williams said. “I didn’t mean to build a big company. It just kept building. I couldn’t keep up on my own. I had to hire staff. It slowed down when the recession hit, but we made it through. It continued at a steady pace.”

With the coronavirus crisis, Williams and his team are making life changes like everyone else. They’re social distancing, standing 6 feet away from customers and making 15 to 17 house calls per day. 

“We’ve been doing a lot of precautionary things—before anyone was recommending them,” he said. “We’ve been wearing face masks that we bought in bulk. We loaded up on rubber gloves, shoe covers, hand sanitizers and hand soap. It put us in a good position to make sure everyone’s safe.

“We always wore rubber gloves and booties. We’re washing our hands before we go to job sites, during and after. We’re dousing our hands and arms in hand sanitizer. Our masks are custom made.”

Williams and his team tried three kinds of masks and settled on one that was the most comfortable and gave the most protection. It includes an A/C filter for a home that removes pollen, smoke, viruses and bacteria. They cut them up, took out the metal wiring and use them as replaceable filters.

“Each tech gets three masks,” he said. “It works out really, really well. We wash them each day. It has to be breathable for an A/C to work. This isn’t science based, but it’s an added layer of protection.

“It’s our job to take care of our staff and our customers.”