Carol Farabee

Carol Farabee is the founder of the Arizona Business Incubator.

Arizona Business Incubator has more than 30 nonprofits working toward helping the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The incubator presents opportunities for youth and adults to develop in-demand skills and find sustainable careers and employment to West Valley residents.

“If you see a need that isn’t being met in your community, we hope to inspire everyone that they can fix it as well as give them the proper tools, support, mentors and resources that are needed to execute their vision for a better Arizona,” said Carol Farabee, founder of the Arizona Business Incubator.

The Arizona Business Incubator is partnering with UCCAN!, a workforce and educational development program for low-income and disengaged youth that offers paid online summer internships.

The incubator is also partnering with Lana Cantrell, CEO of Barber Intelligence Academy.

Farabee’s publishing company works with authors as a writing coach, edits and formats books. She is the author of “Marketing through Authorship,” guiding business owners on how they can increase credibility and improve business.

She formed the nonprofit Young Writers Foundation to work with teenagers on building their writing skills and career development.

For more information on Arizona Business Incubator, call 602-616-9866 or visit