Brittany Salazar and Deni Banach

Best friends Brittany Salazar, left, and Deni Banach opened a coffee shop in Goodyear.

Two women became best friends while working at a coffee shop in Phoenix; fast-forward three years to 2019 at the grand opening of Enroute Coffee & Tea House. 

Brittany Salazar and Deni Banach are co-owners of Enroute. Based on glowing Yelp reviews ("Great shop!," "Definitely my new favorite coffee shop!"), it's quite a "hot" coffee spot.. 

Salazar is an Arizona native, who said her dreams of owning her own business was always her ideal job. 

“You dream of it being you, owning a business, but when it really happens it’s incredible,” Salazar said. “I remember living in the West Valley when there wasn’t really anything out here, but now it is being built up and it’s exciting to be a part of that.”

Banach moved to Arizona from Washington, where she met Salazar and their goal to open their coffee shop formed. 

“We’re not only a women-owned business, but we are also local and we really try to make everything to the next level,” Banach said.

In order to promote their new business, the best friend duo turned to social media to help spread awareness about the small shop located in the Parkway Village Plaza, south of Estrella Parkway. 

On Instagram, Enroute has over 3,500 followers 10 months after opening and their Facebook account has nearly 2,000. As for their ratings, both Yelp and Facebook reviews indicate the duo gives a five-star service. 

“Honestly we just try to be ourselves,” Banach said, joking about their social media accounts. “We focus on personality and being relevant with what we see trending and keeping up with it.”

In addition to maintaining an online presence, Salazar and Banach decided to partner with outside bakeries and coffee companies in order to provide various unique choices for their customers. 

“The products really are game changers,” Salazar said. “We definitely try to make sure that, if we can, we source something that is local or from startups. It’s community and family, and that’s what we are.” 

Amongst the suppliers is the Boyer Bakery, a family-owned and -operated company. 

“We are so honored to have the opportunity to serve the community by partnering with the ladies at Enroute to provide our bakery goods in-shop on a daily basis,” Abby Boyer, with the Boyer Bakery, said. “We have loved collaborating with Enroute to make their shop just a little bit sweeter.” 

As for the customers, many are excited about Enroute’s original menu and the location. 

“The coffee is great, but my favorite is the lotus because of the energy boost it gives me before work,” Angelina Acero of Tolleson said. “It’s just really cool to see successful businesses opening in the West Valley.”

After being open for less than a year, the owners admit to having obstacles along their journey to opening a coffee shop, starting with their inability to supply a quick drive-thru experience. “We understand we can’t win those people overlooking for the convenience of a drive-thru, but I think people come in for the conversation they’re able to have with us and the high-quality products,” Banach said. 

As for the name of the company itself, they decided to keep Enroute after buying the business from a couple who were truck drivers.

“People don’t like change. We had a different name originally, but we kept Enroute and we love it, it’s us now. It wasn’t our identity but we have made it our identity now,” Salazar said. 

Moving forward, Salazar and Banach hope to see their business thrive in Goodyear as more people learn about Enroute. 

“Shop local. Give us a shot. We will work with you, and we really try to make this an experience,” Banach said.