Brothers Isaiah and Noah Barajas

Brothers Isaiah, left, and Noah Barajas are living their dream after opening Ivory House, a vintage clothing store. 

Nestled into a Goodyear plaza off Estrella Parkway is something new and old: a vintage clothing store, Ivory House. Inside, brothers Isaiah and Noah Barajas, are doing what many young men wish for: owning a business they are passionate about.

“It’s crazy,” Isaiah, 23, smiled. “Every day I wake up and I’m like, ‘Wow, I’m living my dream.’”

The two, both Verrado High School alums and Buckeye residents, have been thrifting clothes for three years with the idea of some day opening a store. They had been buying clothes, collecting them and selling them independently before they finally had enough product to open up their own place.

Noah took to Twitter in early March to announce the store’s soft-opening, which quickly went viral. As of March 7, the video had 3,500 likes and nearly 1,000 retweets.

“It just blew up,” Noah, 21, said. “The day after we opened from that video, probably 75% of the people who came in said, ‘We saw the video on Twitter.’”

And those who flocked the store weren’t just coming to get a glimpse of it, they were actually making purchases.

“We probably had 50 or 60 sales,” Isaiah said. “And we ask everyone, ‘How’d you hear about us?’ A lot of them said Twitter.”

The name itself, Ivory House, was Isaiah’s idea. Ivory, he reasoned, is the rare elephant tusk, a rare but highly sought after material. And this store is “like our house,” he said, serving as a home base for the clothing they’ve collected.

While many of the clothes available in-store are from thrift stores, customers can sell their old clothing for cash.

This is the kind of vintage clothing store typically seen in downtown Phoenix,or in the East Valley.

“There’s nothing like this on the west side,” Noah said.

Isaiah agreed. “We needed something like this over here.”

What was once seen as a hobby of theirs has quickly turned into that of a full-time job. The store is open Tuesday through Sunday, but even when they clock out, their workday rarely stops there.

“Even when we clock out,” Isaiah said, “we’re at home, washing clothes, on our days off we’re out thrifting, getting new stuff.”

The soft-opening they had was wildly successful, a test run at getting the word out and seeing how the community embraces their store.

So far, so good.

The grand opening is slated for March 28, and the Barajas brothers are thrilled with what they’ve seen so far.

“We’d like to eventually have more stores over on this side,” Isaiah said. “It’s hard to get affordable clothes in this area.”

Ivory House is at 650 N. Estrella Parkway, Suite A4, Goodyear. For more information, visit