The Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted its first forum Nov. 6.

The purpose of the Buckeye Valley Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership, support local businesses and build strong partnerships dedicated to promoting business, education and community interests of Buckeye.

Public policy is also a big job of local chambers, we should be paying attention to government, protecting our businesses against regulations and taxes so the business owners can run those businesses successfully and continue to contribute to the economic prosperity of our community.

When you combine public policy and educating our members you get a new program the Chamber is starting called “Buckeye Government Forum.”  This quarterly meeting strives to bring our government officials together with our members and community so they begin to know each other well enough to communicate what is important to our city. 

 The first forum took place Wednesday, Nov. 6, at the Coyote Branch Library.  All of our state legislators from Districts 4 and 13 attended: Representatives Tim Dunn, Charlene Fernandez, Joanne Osborne and Geraldine Peten and our senators Sine Kerr and Lisa Otondo. It was expertly moderated by Rachel Aja from Cox Communications. 

Fifty people attended and enjoyed hearing how they are all dedicated to serving Buckeye and really want to hear from citizens during the session.  They encouraged everyone to go to the state capitol and sign up to the “Request to Speak” program that allows citizens to express agreement or opposition to all bills as they are heard in committee.

The next forum is scheduled for Feb. 12.

Another long-standing program of the Buckeye Valley Chamber is Buckeye Leadership which is heading into its 15th class.  This program gives you an in-depth perspective of Buckeye. During the 14 weeks of presentations you can expect to hear from all city of Buckeye Department heads, Mayor Jackie Meck, city council members, the city manager, the city attorney, schools, major employers and nonprofits.

To learn about this amazing program you are invited to a Buckeye Leadership Open House on at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16, at the Buckeye Valley Chamber’s DR Horton Conference Room at 508 E. Monroe Avenue.  You will hear from past participants about what they learned and how they have gotten involved since completing the program.

This program is designed to encourage citizens to learn and understand how their community works and how they can get involved.  Class is limited to 25 participants which allows more in-depth discussion and dialogue with the presenters. Buckeye Leadership takes place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., every Thursday beginning Feb. 13  through May 7.

Now that the weather has cooled down all the awesome Fall events are taking place.  If you want to know what is happening please check out our website at under “Events.”  We work at getting all the events happening in Buckeye on that calendar, so please check it out.