Customers can order bionicos

Customers can order bionicos, which are Mexican fruit bowls filled with crema and various toppings.

Having one successful food truck and catering business wasn’t enough for Buckeye resident Stephanie Holguin, as she officially opened a second. 

Holguin welcomed customers to Raspi’s, her bright pink raspados and ice cream truck, on March 26. 

“Having been in the food industry with my husband and his taco truck, Leyva’s Tacos, for almost four years now and my love for ice cream sparked a big interest in wanting to create a dessert truck with some of our favorite Mexican treats,” she said. 

As Buckeye residents for the past 15 years, Holguin said she noticed events in the community didn’t serve the Mexican desserts her family loves.

“This gave me a bigger push to create a truck that could provide our traditional desserts and be able to share those treats at events or at stops throughout our city of Buckeye. Now we have our savory dessert truck that could provide service to the West Valley,” she said. 

Raspi’s offers homemade, natural fruit raspados, ice creams, paletas, fresas con crema and bionicos. 

Similar to her husband’s taco truck, Raspi’s will also offer catering services that will allow customers to order a paleta cart with their choice of ice cream pops, mini mangonadas, fruit cocktails or raspados for their event. 

Holguin runs the truck with the help of her family, including her children and husband. 

“We are a small family business that is working really hard to bring quality, delicious ice cream treats with fresh fruit flavors to our city. As a family-run and -operated business, supporting local is huge for us,” she said. 

Additionally, Raspi’s partnered with La Michoacana, a well-known ice cream and paleta vendor.  

“As we partnered with La Michoacana, we work side by side with traditional recipes to give our customers the authentic flavors they always love. We also are creating new flavors and creative spins on some of the original paletas, Holguin said. 

This family-owned business can primarily be found in Buckeye, but all weekly stops and events will be posted on Instagram @Raspis_az. 

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