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Hello, and welcome back to Business Briefcase! The past few weeks we have looked at what’s to come for various West Valley cities, including Buckeye, Avondale and Goodyear. This week we are going to take a look at Tolleson, as the city recently released its 2024 general plan to the public. The more than 100-page plan focuses on varies efforts in the city, but we’re going to focus on the growth areas the city is looking to take advantage of in the next few years. 

Based on the growth section of the plan, there are four main areas of focus, including the 83rd Avenue corridor, 91st Avenue gateway, the CORE district and industrial area.

83rd Avenue corridor 

This growth area has direct access from the I-10 and Van Buren Street on 83rd Avenue. The plan indicates that the area allows for efficient multi-modal transportation opportunities, including automobile, bus, bicycle and pedestrian modes. It is ideally situated for future public transit systems.

One of the major areas of growth in this area, according to the document, is the canal on the area’s westerly border. There is open space near the canal that’s about 100 feet wide, giving it the potential to have a trail or path implemented for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting existing neighborhoods and a possible park on the west. The document says the greenway could be used as a nonmotorized route for employees, customers and residents to access future development in Tolleson. 

91st Avenue gateway 

The area spreads from the northeast corner of 95th Avenue and West Pima Road, off the I-10, and follows I-10 east for nearly three quarters of a mile until it reaches Tolsun Farms. To grow the area, the plan indicates that there needs to be additional street options that will strengthen the connection between the gateway area and Tolleson’s downtown.

Growing this area provides the city the opportunity to attract young professionals to Tolleson and, according to the plan, can replace vacant space with housing and economic growth. 

In addition to the potential road development, the Valley Metro Short Range Transit Plan extends the light rail to the eastern edge of Tolleson at 79th Avenue and McDowell Road. Discussions between West Valley officials include the possibility to connect to this terminal in the future, which would allow Tolleson to consider transit-oriented development along McDowell Road. 

CORE district

The CORE district is in the midst of single-family and multifamily residential properties to the north and south of Van Buren Street. Tolleson Union High School and the community center also neighbor the growth area. 

The 2024 plan states the area is ideal for multi-modal transportation systems, including pedestrian, bus, bicycle and personal automobiles. 

Industrial area

Located on the northern side of Buckeye Road, extending 3.5 miles west from 75th Avenue, the plan indicates additional light manufacturing and distribution companies are necessary to grow the area. 

The 2024 plan states that this particular growth area is ideal for food and retail services that have the potential to target employees in Tolleson and Phoenix.