Hello, and welcome back to Business Briefcase. This week we’re going to take a look at a local medical supply store opening its fifth location in Arizona and its second location in the West Valley. 

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Copper Star Home Medical to open store in Goodyear 

Location: 14175 W. Indian School Road, Suite 8 

Copper Star Home Medical is opening its fifth location in Goodyear on Oct. 1, the company’s second West Valley location. 

In the last two years, the local company has grown its presence in the Phoenix metro area with its other four locations, a feat Korry Johnston, CEO and president of Copper Star Home Medical, is proud of due to the various challenges his team overcame throughout the pandemic. 

“We grew a brand new company through a pandemic. We started a company in 2019 and then at the beginning of this year, January, we had one location that was in Mesa, and between January and next week, we’ve grown from one store to five stores,” Johnston said.  

Now looking to serve the quick growing Goodyear community, Copper Star Home Medical will host a soft opening on Oct. 1, and its official grand opening on Oct. 19.  

Johnston admits the roughly 4,000-square-foot Goodyear store is perfectly located in the city to benefit all its residents.

“The nice part about our location is that we’re centrally located kind of right in the middle. We didn’t elect to go to some medical complexes maybe on the outside of town. We tried to be local to be there, where the customers are, so that they’re not having to travel very far. We’re right next door to Safeway. A good majority of people in Goodyear get their groceries at Safeway, and so this is a convenient location for them to be able to come visit us and allow us to help them,” he said. 

While Johnston said Copper Star strives to make every customer’s shopping experience easy and educational, he admits that it’s not the kind of store people are thrilled to visit. That being said, Johnston added it’s for that exact reason that he wants all customer experiences to be positive. 

“We’re not that store that people want to wake up and say, ‘Hey, let’s go visit the medical supply store.’ We don’t have people waiting for a new lift that’s coming out. We’re really the company where they come when they need something, and nobody wants to be here, so it’s important that we spend our time and really make their time valuable with us,” he said.

With nearly 25 years of experience in the industry, both CEOs, Johnston and Jay Broadbent, have confidence Copper Star will provide Goodyear residents a convenient location to obtain quality medical supplies. 

“We give them the opportunity to come in if they need a lift chair or if they need a scooter or they need a walker, wheelchair, and they’ll be able to work with us, we’ll be able to help them really understand what their needs are and then help them find products that will improve their lives improve their mobility,” Johnston said. 

“We get a lot of customers that come in that they’re given a fresh diagnosis of, let’s say, Parkinson’s disease or something like that. They really don’t know a lot about what’s going to be happening over the next couple of years, so we’re able to sit down with them and help them understand what types of products are available as their disease progresses. We can show them products and things that are out there that’ll help make that life a little easier.”

As Goodyear marks the company’s fifth location, Johnston said Arizonans can expect more locations throughout the Valley in the near future. 

“Our definite goal is to continue to grow and continue to be Arizona’s preferred medical retailer type mentality and to make sure that we’re serving all the population of Arizona. So growth is definitely on the horizon. Growth is our focus, just to make sure we’re always taking care of the community,” he said. 

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