Welcome to the Aug. 18 edition of Business Briefcase! This week we are going to look at a new physical therapy office that recently opened in Verrado.  

The new facility is not the first, and certainly won’t be the last, medical building to break ground and open in the West Valley. 

The West Valley has a plethora of health care workers who reside in the area. 

About 36% of the health care workers in all of Maricopa County live in the West Valley, according to Sintra Hoffman, president and CEO of WESTMARC. That equates to roughly 41,000 health care workers. 

It only makes sense to continue to open facilities in the West Valley where the communities continue to grow and access to hiring for the medical facilities and hospitals is close by.   

Here’s the latest project Buckeye residents can expect in their neighborhood. 


Physical Therapy

Location: 4175 N. Pioneer Drive, Suite 101-A

The award-winning outpatient rehabilitation provider with over 90 clinics nationwide, opened the Verrado location on Aug. 9. 

 The investment represents an important strategic opportunity for ApexNetwork Physical Therapy to offer a variety of therapy and rehabilitation to Verrado.

ApexNetwork Physical Therapy strives to provide an experience of health and wellness, encouragement and quality service in an upscale environment. Verrado’s clinic offers a full spectrum of services, including physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, industrial rehabilitation, manual therapy and balance rehabilitation.

ApexNetwork has more than 90 locations throughout Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. 

As a BBB Accredited Business, ApexNetwork services include physical therapy, sports rehab, occupational/hand therapy, industrial rehab, vestibular rehab, manual therapy and free injury screenings.

The physical therapists are trained to treat clinical diagnoses affecting the back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot.

In detail, the services include:

• Physical therapy: From injuries and sprains to post-surgical rehabilitation, ApexNetwork focuses on pain reduction, helping patients reclaim their mobility and strength.

• Sports rehabilitation: ApexNetwork’s customized sports rehabilitation programs focus on functional activities and sport-specific training. Injury prevention, management and education, stretching programs, and sport and team-specific conditioning and training are also available.

• Industrial rehabilitation: Apex Comprehensive Occupational Management and Prevention is a full-spectrum industrial strength program that addresses prevention to injury resolution. ApexNetwork’s facilities have warehouse environments, allowing for unlimited job simulations and work-specific tasks. Work hardening, functional capacity evaluations, ergonomics, injury causational analysis and job-site analysis are also available. 

• Manual therapy: Manual therapy is the application of a specific skilled treatment, manually performed by the therapist. This type of therapy helps increase range of motion, induces relaxation, helps control pain and reduces swelling or mobility restrictions.

• Free injury screen: During the screen, a licensed therapist meets with patients to discuss their condition and provide a brief assessment of their physical and functional abilities.