Buckeye’s award-winning Catalyst Program

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Buckeye’s award-winning Catalyst Program is open and accepting applications until 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 30. Any existing local business can apply for the grant to help expand, rehabilitate, beautify or enhance its landscaping or provide public parking or lighting.

The budget for the program this fiscal year is $250,000.

Each business that qualifies can apply for a maximum of $50,000. Business owners must also financially contribute to the project. Full details are in the program guide and frequently asked questions.

Reimbursement is provided after the business successfully completes the project and submits the required documentation.

Interested business owners can download and review the detailed program guide and program application from Buckeye’s Economic Development website, growbuckeye.com.

In the last seven years, the city’s Catalyst Program resulted in funding 32 projects totaling $624,000, a combined investment of $1.5 million from the city and private sector, and a 3:1 return on investment. 

The Catalyst Program, run by Buckeye’s Economic Development Department, focuses on the redevelopment of existing buildings through private investments.

To learn more about the Catalyst Program, visit growbuckeye.com/