The Strawberry Pop-Tart Shake

The Strawberry Pop-Tart Shake features vanilla ice cream, strawberry syrup and Strawberry Pop-Tart cereal churned to “perfection.” Then, the staff topped it with strawberries, whipped cream and extra Strawberry Pop-Tart cereal.

Cereal Killerz is a cereal and ice cream bar that makes childhood sugar cravings a reality, with milkshakes, cereal waffles or mixed bowls — all with a breakfast twist. 

Equipped with more than 100 cereals from around the world, dairy and nondairy milk options, and multiple toppings, Cereal Killerz in Goodyear dares its customers to build the treat of their dreams. 

“I got this idea, like a lot of people, 10 or 15 years ago, when I was a lot younger,” said Christopher Burns, the entrepreneur who created Cereal Killerz. 

“I would pretty much eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We thought it’d be cool if there was a cereal restaurant where you could go and just get a bunch of different cereals. I figured that cereal was the most popular breakfast item if there are whole aisles in grocery stores dedicated to cereal. Why isn’t there a cereal cafe?”

Burns said he moved forward with the idea after noticing his stepdaughter always turned down bacon or eggs for breakfast because she just wanted cereal.

Through research, Burns found there were few cereal bars in the United States. Two years, three stores and a grant from “Shark Tank” later, Burns said it’s been a success. Besides Goodyear, Cereal Killerz has two stores in Las Vegas.

Longtime friend Justin Weatherspoon saw Burns’ success and wanted to open one in Goodyear. It’s Arizona’s first cereal bar. 

“I selected Goodyear for two reasons,” Weatherspoon said. “One, because it’s the fastest-growing city in the nation, and two, because I am a resident of Goodyear. I’ve lived here for three years, but I’ve been in Arizona for over 25 years.”

Cereal Killerz opened in Goodyear on March 20, and Weatherspoon said they have been “slammed” every day.

While the store is targeted toward kids, Weatherspoon said parents seem to enjoy it just as much.

“For parents, it’s kind of an opportunity to relive their childhood,” Weatherspoon said. 

“When I was a kid, my mom would only let me open one box at a time. Here, you can get a bowl of cereal with three, four or five different types of cereal all mixed into the same bowl. You come in and see Saturday morning cartoons playing, eating the same cereal you loved as a kid; it’s really like reliving childhood.”

Cereal Killerz has all the favorites, including Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese’s Puffs, Trix or a combination of others. The spot even has cereals in stock that most grocery stores don’t. 

Guests have the option to create their own milkshake or bowl with a number of possibilities. Kids and adults are blown away by the creations at Cereal Killerz, and that’s the reaction they want, Weatherspoon said.

One option includes 16 ounces of vanilla ice cream blended with strawberry syrup, Fruity Pebbles, an entire strawberry Pop-Tart and topped with a mound of whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and another Pop-Tart to top it off. 

Then there’s a “cereal challenge.”

“It’s a 12-quart bowl that we fill up with all the cereals we offer, which is about 130 different types of cereals,” Weatherspoon said. “We fill the bowl with a little bit of each cereal and pour a gallon of milk in, and then you have an hour to finish it. It’s $35. If you finish it, you get your money back, we take your picture and put it on the wall, and we give you a free T-shirt.”

The challenge hasn’t been introduced at the Goodyear location, because it’s been so busy, but Weatherspoon said he hopes to do so in the next few months. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has dampened everyone’s spirits, but Weatherspoon hopes the store provides a reprieve. 

“You’re trying to be an adult, but there’s COVID and all these other things going on, and this is an opportunity to step away from all that and be a kid again,” Weatherspoon said.