Roxana Oeriz

Roxana Oeriz decided to make her dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality. She worked on creating a visually appealing chlorine floater for two years after not finding a fun design option for her own pool.

A West Valley woman is looking to make a splash this summer, as her chlorine pool floater product makes its debut on the market this month. 

Roxana Ortiz created a chlorine floater with a creative look and named it the Cool Floater. Inspiration struck when she was looking for a chlorine floater of her own but couldn’t find a fun, creative design she wanted for her pool. 

“The product is a chlorine floater for pools and jacuzzis with a cool new design, and it has a control flow for the chlorine. It is also going to be treated with a high-tech plasma treatment for the plastic,” she said.

After moving to Avondale in 2003, the Puerto Rican native and her husband opened an air conditioning business. However, two years ago, Ortiz decided she wanted to make her dream of becoming an entrepreneur a reality. 

Ortiz committed to her product full time, with the determination to make it the best it could be. After two years, she said it is now finally ready to be released and sold to customers.

The bright yellow floater is intended to bring people joy, especially during such uncertain times, Ortiz said.

“We never liked the options that they had in the market, so we decided to make something different and cool, like the emoji face with the glasses. It’s going to be named Cool Floater because when you put in cool on your phone, that’s the emoji that pops up. It just makes you smile,” Ortiz said.

The Avondale resident takes pride in the chlorine floater’s creative design. While simple, it has the ability to bring a whole new summer mood to swimming pools. 

“The design that we created is what makes it so special and unique. The new design just makes people very happy. It makes you have a cool life when you are around the pool and enjoying time with your friends and family,” she said.

Additionally, it holds up to four chlorine tablets to sanitize the pool or jacuzzi, and the adjustable control flow rate will ensure chlorinated pools will receive the right amount of chlorine.

To kick off the first month of officially launching her product, Ortiz is offering merchandise and special offers on the Cool Floater website at 

“This month we will start selling through my website. On that website, you’re going to see offers where you can add T-shirts, sunglasses and even find a discounted price,” she said. 

The floater has taken Ortiz over two years to create, as she said she committed all her time, energy and effort into this project.

“It’s been a long two years, and since the pandemic started, we’ve been doing the prototype, the design, the engineering, and working on the patent and trademark. And in those two years I have also been learning about plastic,” she said. 

Ortiz is no stranger to the business world, as she and her husband Antonio Foglia also own a barber shop. Now as she commits her time to her Cool Floater product, she hopes it will receive the same support as her family’s other businesses.

“I want people to support it, and I think they will. This is something very different, and I am very proud of it,” she said.

Despite the bumps in the road that Ortiz admitted to hitting on her journey to releasing the Cool Floater, she said it was all worth it to see it come to fruition.

“If the will is strong, the can is real. If you want to do something, even if you have obstacles in your way, you can do it. Just go forward and don’t let nobody drag you down,” she said.