Club Pilates brings controlled, low-impact exercises to Goodyear

New Club Pilates members in Goodyear take part in a class.

After suffering low functionality in her hand and wrist from a prior surgery, Cheryl Maro discovered Pilates.

The fitness method, founded in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, focuses on controlled, low-impact exercises that help improve flexibility, core strength, posture and endurance.

And within just four months of taking up Pilates, positive results sparked a desire in Maro to open her own studio with two close friends.

That studio, Club Pilates, is at 783 S. Cotton Lane, Goodyear.

“With so much growth in this area, it was important for us to pick a location where we really felt a strong need for our studio,” Nichol Eiting said of choosing Goodyear. Eiting co-owns the center with Maro and Eileen Dejno.

So far, most members are beginners who the owners enjoy watching progress. But Pilates can be modified for each individual, so any age, body type, ability, rehabbing person or serious athlete can benefit.

And as all can benefit from classes, Eiting explained that the reasons they come in vary.

“Our main goals are to actually find out what our members’ goals are and to be able to help them achieve their individual goals,” she said. “We may have a member who wants to improve with their cycling performance and others who want to feel better about their bodies, posture, etc. Some of our members have had injuries and they are wanting assistance with getting their body back to feeling good again. Every member has a story of their own about why they joined.”

One identified reason to join Club Pilates is the live classes. The courses convey a certain energy that doesn’t exist in a workout video.

Experienced instructors are also a draw.

“Our instructors have a minimum of 500 hours of intense training and education and are taught to help facilitate our members through each class safely, doing moves in the correct form, and making sure that our members are getting the most out of each class,” Eiting said. “Before each class, instructors will ask about any injuries or any specific needs so they can better assist the members through their workout.”

Members can choose from four class levels and eight signature group class formats that utilize a variety of equipment, including Reformers, EXO chairs, TRX, TriggerPoint and springboard. Those interested in Club Pilates can also sign up for a free introductory class.

“Pilates is truly the foundation of exercise for everything else you do.” Eiting said. “Through the controlled movements on the reformer, Pilates chair and other equipment we use, you will learn to engage the deeper muscle layers to support the spine and pelvis, which allow you to move more efficiently in all areas of your life.”

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