Celebrating Crepella’s first anniversary is, from left, Ashraf Elgamal, Crepella’s owner; Avondale Mayor Kenneth Weise and his wife, Shari; Amani Elsharkawi, Crepella’s operations manager; Aiten Elgamal and Ainor Elgamal, co-owners; and Jasmin Holmes and Chassadee Higuera, staff. In the back is Kenneth Chapa, Avondale’s economic development director.

Since opening its doors in August 2020, the owners of Crepella Café have experienced an overwhelming number of obstacles, from operating in the middle of a pandemic to trying to stay as hopeful as possible about the future of their business. 

Nevertheless, they persisted in their attempt to keep Crepella fully functioning. Having succeeded, the café is celebrating its one-year anniversary. 

Avondale Mayor Kenneth Weise, city councilmembers and Avondale EDGE hosted a live ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the doors of Crepella to celebrate.

Crepella specializes in sweet and savory crepes, waffles, coffee, and a variety of hot and cold drinks. 

“Our main goal as we welcome guests into our café is to make them feel right at home and give them unlimited options so that they can undoubtedly feel satisfied during their visit,” said Amani Elsharkawi, Crepella operations director. 

Crepella and its owners have stuck by this goal throughout the past year of being in business and have welcomed well over 50,000 customers who have helped them reach their success.

During the anniversary celebration, the café honored its 50,000th customer with a free meal for up to eight guests during their next visit. 

“We want to show our appreciation and love for our customers, and this is just one of many steps that we plan to take to continue honoring the kind customers that support us throughout our journey,” said Ainor Elgamal, owner.