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Avondale has introduced Uniquely Avondale, a feature magazine to complement the city’s new Discover Avondale tourism initiative. 

Discover Avondale, Avondale’s newly established Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), was launched to brand and elevate Avondale’s tourism scene. 

In early March, as part of the Avondale State of the City event, the new DMO launched its website and social media pages. Uniquely Avondale, published twice yearly, serves as an offering of the DMO, highlighting Avondale’s destination assets, such as Phoenix Raceway, the Tres Rios nature preserve, as well as the sporting complex and parks. The goal is to encourage overnight stays and drive customers to Avondale’s dining, hotel and retail establishments, as well as events hosted throughout the city.

Uniquely Avondale will soon be found at all local Avondale hotels, as well as at City Hall, the Randall McDaniel Sports complex, and regional tourism locations such as airports and visitor centers in the Valley. Uniquely Avondale is also available for online viewing at

For more information about Discover Avondale, visit Avondale

(, follow on Instagram/Facebook @DiscoverAvondale or call 623-333-1417.