Avondale Farmers Market Festival

Families came out to the inaugural Avondale Farmers Market Festival, hosted by Brookfield Residential’s Alamar, a new master-planned community in Avondale. 

The event commemorated the community’s one-year anniversary and the city’s 75th birthday. 

Visitors and residents enjoyed the free festivities at Alamar’s Hay Moon Park, which provides a picturesque view of the Sierra Estrella Mountains. 

Highway 85 Band played classic rock hits, while aspiring musicians got their fix on Sankofa Island Magic’s interactive African drumming station. The upbeat band entertained the crowds with its steel pan performance and Caribbean vibe.

Meanwhile, children played various carnival games, engaged with arts-and-crafts exhibits and interacted with the animals at Jungle Jill’s petting zoo, featuring dozens of feathered, scaled and furry animals. 

Local vendors offered organic products such as fresh honey, gourmet coffee, popular products and boutique clothing, while the Alamar Community Association hosted VIP experiences for Alamar residents within Alamar’s community pool area.

“We set out to capture the spirit of Avondale and its history, and I think we accomplished so much more than that, thanks to the collaborative efforts from our partners at the city of Avondale, all of our vendors and entertainers, and of course the members of the community who came out to celebrate with us,” said Garilyn Bourgeois, Brookfield Residential vice president of marketing. 

“We look forward to many more events like this to come as Alamar continues to grow along with Avondale.”