Eye Tactics

Tialutrell McCormick is the founder and owner of Eye Tactics and is working to change a specific part of the beauty industry. (Tialutrell McCormick/Submitted)

Tialutrell McCormick recently started a new chapter in her business by opening a shop in the Goodyear area. McCormick is the founder and owner of Eye Tactics, which initially opened in Las Vegas in 2016 and, now with a storefront on Estrella Parkway, works to bring a change to a specific part of the beauty industry here in Arizona.

Eye Tactics was started to solve the lash enhancement problem faced by many women and men. McCormick created her formula to change this problem and hopefully bring it to various customers.

“Eye Tactics is all about natural lash enhancement through a process called lash lifting, which has become really popular here in the western part of the world in the last couple of years,” McCormick said.

“There’s just this area of the market for men and women where they really do appreciate being able to do these lift services to transform the way their lashes and brows look. We have a lash and brow menu that’s similar to going to the hair salon and you can get a tint, or you can just get a trim. It’s up to everybody because it has so much versatility.”

McCormick and her team developed their lash serum formula with keratin for a healthier result. They first formed the serum in 2010 when the Las Vegas studio opened its doors.

“What makes our product different is that it’s been really tested over the last eight years,” McCormick said. “It’s not something new to the market; it’s not something that we’re just coming upon and ordering it. We actually have our own product that we continue to develop that has, so far, given amazing, healthy results since it has keratin in it.

“Our process is so much different from everyone else around us as well because we follow actual hair science and we consult with the hairdressers on our techniques.”

Eye Tactic eyelash enhancements only take 60- to 80-minutes, depending on the service. The service comes with its signature three-step treatment and lasts around six weeks.

“The client will be laying down in a room that’s private and your eyes will be closed,” McCormick said. “Typically, people fall asleep during the treatment. During that 60-80 minute timeframe, we’re going to go through our three-step process where we break down the bonds of the hair so that we can reshape it. We will then infuse it with our keratin formula and reseal it. From that point forward, you just keep your lashes dry for 24 hours.”

The treatments range from prices depending on the service done. But starting at $79, Eye Tactics hopes to bring basic beauty treatments at a reasonable price.

“We feel like if we’re going to actually help shape the market, we really have to fare on the side that this is not eyelash extensions; this is like your hair, your skin, your nails,” McCormick said. “This is something that you want to be part of your daily maintenance and your daily life, and asking people to pay extreme (amounts of money) is not realistic.

“We are working on having lifestyle brand pricing, something that is affordable at a membership level that allows people to come and go and get the things they need.”

For more information on Eye Tactics, visit eyetactics.com.