Debbie Polisky

An international bilingual entrepreneur has developed roots in Arizona. Now, she hopes to reach the West Valley community through nutrition.

Debbie Polisky is a nutritionist and an entrepreneur who joined Goodyear Library’s InnovationHub, a creative space where local entrepreneurs and business owners can work, expand and network their ideas.

The Avondale resident originally moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lived for 30 years. Having an American mother and an Argentinian father, Polisky said she is fully bilingual.

“I grew up bilingual and studied my nutrition career at the University of Buenos Aires, and worked with my father independently at a center that we opened for nutrition, chronic disease and cardiac patients. So I did a whole variety of activities there before moving to Phoenix,” Polisky said.

Before moving to Arizona, Polisky said she dabbled in various professions, like journalism and freelance writing, radio, and being a clinical dietician. Through her eclectic past, she learned skills she uses in several businesses.

What developed her passion for nutrition was her parents, Polisky said.

“My mom was passionate about cooking and would try all kinds of recipes from cookbooks,” she said. “My father was passionate about not only health, but the importance of stress management.”

After arriving to Arizona, Polisky said she furthered her education by getting an online Master’s degree in nutrition as well as a Master’s in business and marketing.

Having now spent 18 years in Arizona, Polisky said she self published two bilingual books that focus on the mind and body, two fields she has explored in her career.

Polisky also owns a bilingual health communications services company named Words & Health.

“It is about reaching our community through media and workshops,” Polisky said.

With her company, Polisky said she wants to impact the people of the community through multicultural health and wellness messages.

In addition, Polisky said she owns a second business, Nutrition Tango, a bilingual nutrition counseling service where she focuses on one-on-one coaching and counseling with clients looking for nutrition programs.

“I fell in love with food, nutrition, health and the whole mind-body connection, which is everything I do now,” Polisky said. “I have connected all the dots.”

Polisky has set certain goals for the upcoming years.

“What I want to accomplish in the next several years with both businesses is to be able to spread the importance of lifestyle changes through mind and body health activity,” she said.

In order to expand her business, Polisky said she uses the tools the InnovationHub provides.

The InnovationHub @ GoodyearAZ is a partnership between the city of Goodyear, Entrepreneurship + Innovation at Arizona State University, and the Maricopa County Library District. In addition to standard library materials, it offers free resources like monthly Business Builders meet-ups, one-on-one business mentoring, and the ASU Startup School.

Polisky said InnovationHub helped her expand her business with marketing skills and connections.

“I’ve gotten free one-on-one consultations on how to improve my marketing skills, how to network and how to stay connected,” Polisky said.

In addition, InnovationHub provides a safe space where local entrepreneurs can develop their business.

“I went to networking meetings and used their private meeting space to see my own private patients and clients,” Polisky said.

Having been involved with InnovationHub for two years, Polisky said she has noticed an increase in her confidence, and she is grateful for the program.

“I take a very creative approach, and both businesses are related,” she said. “Anybody can reach out to me if they believe in anything that has to do with the mind-body connection.

“I do all kinds of fun things to help them and I feel like they can count on me.”