Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce

September 10 to September 14 is Chamber of Commerce Week, in case you didn’t know. You might think it’s the time for us to boast about the services we provide to our members and how we influence and impact the business community. You might think it celebrates everything we do for residents, tourists and visitors. You might think it’s about the 120 events and activities the Southwest Valley Chamber does every year for our members and the public. You might think it’s to bring attention to our partnerships with our four city governments to maintain a stable economy, bring in new jobs and keep our high quality of life. You might think it trumpets the dozens of professional training classes we offer. You might think Chamber of Commerce Week is about the chamber of commerce. It is not.

It’s all about the people who own or run a business that supports the chamber’s vision and mission through their membership. The Southwest Valley Chamber is the leading voice of business and regional prosperity. That’s our vision. My chamber of commerce, a regional nonprofit organization, is active in the cities of Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Tolleson. That’s four cities, two county districts, three state legislative districts and three U.S. Congressional districts. You can see the businesses we thank for their support listed on the online Business Directory,

The week is also a special time to give extra thanks to all the chamber members who volunteer their time, talent, skills and resources to help keep the chamber’s programs, events and services running. Like every nonprofit organization, the chamber runs with a small staff (three people including me) and we’re always grateful for the members who make the extra effort to help the other members, the community and the organization. There are too many people to list here, but each one has my thanks.

I’m very fortunate that the people associated with the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce do business with each other. More importantly, they care about each other, which is why you might have heard me say the Southwest Valley Chamber is family. Good people, a great staff and amazing things happen every day. This is the reason it’s always a great day in the Southwest Valley!

Southwest Valley Chamber

of Commerce

289 N. Litchfield Road