The Text Now Hiring Sticker Attached On Door

It seems more people are venturing out. This should boost our economy, morale, soul, sanity or all four. Another good thing is the return of winter visitors. Will this year’s visitor population be different than previous years? Maybe. Some could be concerned with travel and stay home. Others will want to “get away from it all.”

Think about it: Would you rather enjoy winter in sunny Southwest Valley or be in the subzero cold? Winter visitors and tourists will bring much-needed dollars to our economy, which has improved over the past month. We still have a ways to go before everything is back to full speed. 

There are people, businesses and charities still struggling financially. Even some of the open businesses are at a “making ends meet” level of operations. Some industries are doing great. Companies that rely on big crowds or offer specialty products to consumers or other businesses are doing minimal sales or remain closed. 

Best way to describe what’s happening: Picture a team of 12 horses pulling a wagon. A third of the horses are running full speed. Another third are straining to go faster. The remaining horses haven’t been fed in a long time, making them too weak to move. The percentages aren’t entirely accurate, but you get the idea. We need to “feed” as many of our local “horses” as possible.

You might have heard of the economic concept that a dollar spent here will exchange hands up to 14 times before it leaves our community. You buy a shirt from the local clothing store. The store owner uses that money to pay employees, suppliers and others.

They spend their earned dollars on groceries, gas and other local items. That same dollar will continue to change hands in the community until someone spends it out of our area. Granted, most purchases are done with a card, but it’s still circulating money. The more often money circulates locally the stronger our economy becomes. 

Eventually, some dollars will become donations to our local charities. The nonprofits took a hard hit on two fronts this year: less in donations and fewer volunteers. Charities are a necessary part of our society. Government can’t and shouldn’t do everything. It falls on us to take care of others in our community. 

Please remember our nonprofits if you have a few bucks to spare or time to give. 

A big boost to our economy is coming in a few weeks with the NASCAR Championship Race at Phoenix Raceway. This is historic, because it’s the first time the championship race will be here. It’ll be huge for race fans and our community. 

I’m ready for the green flag to get our economy going at full speed. Let’s get our engines running faster by doing our part of keeping our money local.