Golden Rule Fresh Coat

“I treat my customers the way I would want them to treat me and my family.”

Litchfield Park resident Jordan Murzyn learned what it takes to give great customer service during his time in the Army and now brings this same level of care to clients looking for a little extra in the services they receive.

He learned these valuable skills through the “different things I did (while) in the Army, as I ramped up in rank,” Murzyn said, adding, “you’re providing a service with these different,” added responsibilities. 

The New Jersey-born veteran moved to the Litchfield Park community roughly a year ago before opening his house-painting business in October. 

Fresh Coat Painters provides residential and commercial painting services to clients across the Valley. With two franchise locations already opened, Murzyn recently opened a third location serving Litchfield Park, Buckeye and Goodyear.

With his customer-oriented business model, he plans to bring the communities he serves a level of customer service designed to treat customers with respect and leaves them with an unparalleled experience they won’t find anywhere else.

The son of a U.S. Force veteran, Murzyn joined the Army at 18. However, 11 years of dutiful military service, a wife and three kids later, the risks associated with a combat-ready military lifestyle took its toll on the family, prompting him to retire and settle his family in Litchfield Park.

“It was too much with our kids and my wife,” Murzyn said. “She wanted me to stop deploying. Of the 11 years I was in, I was deployed for about six of them.”

Murzyn retired roughly eight months ago. Since then, he looked at what his next step would like, ultimately owning a business was a natural conclusion since it was always at the top of his dream to-do list. 

“I wanted to own my own business and it was one of my goals ever I was younger,” Murzyn replied. “I started to get interested in them (Fresh Coat Painters). They showed me their software and I thought to myself, ‘I could really sell this.’”

Murzyn really liked the customer-centric business model Fresh Coat Painters provided. 

Murzyn takes pride in delivering accurate quotes to his clients and will even break down prices. His clients can see, on their quote, where every dollar is going and can opt to forgo certain services.

“We’re the only company I have seen, giving an itemized quote where they can veto services,” Murzyn said. “So, with our company, you have more options. Everything here is a quote, it’s not an estimate. The price will never change.”

In addition, Fresh Coat Painters understands not every homeowner (or business) understands what goes into painting a house or building, which is why Murzyn takes great care to explain products and services to customers. He even extends this level of care to his hiring process to ensure clients receive the service and product money can buy.

“We explain the product and the paints,” Murzyn said. “All of my painters are 100% background-checked. So, you know what you’re getting when you’re hiring the company.”

When it came to his business pricing, Murzyn didn’t forget about his military comrades. He offers a 15% discount to veterans and active-duty members. To amplify and maintain the family-owned feel his business is proud of, he hired his daughter, Riley, a senior at Verrado High School. She handles digital marketing for the company.

Murzyn puts great care into the way his business treats customers and he wants to ensure the process is enjoyable and easy for all customers, but mostly, he wants to run a business the way he would want to be treated - by using the Golden Rule. 

“This is how I would want the job done,” Murzyn said. “I treat my customers the way I would want them to treat me and my family.”