John Safin

John Safin

Welcome to the New Year! I hope your holiday season was terrific. 

Shipments and distribution of the vaccine was good news for December. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has detailed information about the vaccines, distribution and updates. Their information also includes continued use of protective face coverings, social distancing, and other guidelines to “slow the spread.” For that matter, local cities up to the state government still have restrictions and guidelines in place. None of that changed when the calendar flipped to the New Year.

A reminder to consumers that business owners, managers and employees continue to be tasked with enforcing the guidelines. They’re the ones who face fines, loss of license, or other punitive action if there’s a violation. There’s always a chance the business will be forced to shut its doors. Please follow the guidelines and be polite to the hardworking people who are trying to serve the community. 

Since the virus hit, you made decisions to protect your family and your home. Your choices were based on available data, advice from people or sources you trust, and maybe what your “gut” told you. Businesses have to do the same every day, except they’re under much more scrutiny. No one in authority has marched into your home with a three-ply safety checklist. I truly hope that will never happen in our homes, but it frequently happens to the business community. 

Reliable information about vaccine distribution will be useful. As we’ve witnessed over the past several months, national news and social media will say whatever they think will bring them the most attention. When in doubt, find facts for yourself. Start with the newspaper or website where you’re reading this. The further away you are from the information source the less likely the people at the source will actually care about you. 

We’ll need patience and the “Platinum Rule” because not every person will want to change at the same speed or agree on the way situations should be handled. That’s OK as long as we’re polite and civil in our interactions with each other. 

I would love it for everybody to look after yourself and your family, your friends and others in the community if you’re able. It takes only a little effort to make a difference where we live and work. I said that all of last year and will keep saying it as we go into 2021.