farmer in soybean fields

As happy-go-lucky as I am, I have little patience for snooty people or bullies. My patience evaporates faster than a dewdrop in July when someone is belittled because of their legal, ethical, and necessary job. Recently, a national personality (I’m not supposed to call him a “pinhead”) belittled some of this country’s hardest working, most needed people: farmers and ranchers. 

Here are some facts: Arizona’s Agriculture Industry contributes over $3 billion annually to the State’s economy. Maricopa County accounts for one-third of the revenue. Our farmers and ranchers help feed and clothe the world. Shame on anyone who thinks it’s an easy job. 

Sadly, too many people feel obligated to mock a person, profession, or industry (just like what was done to our farmers) because they feel the job “is beneath them.” Too frequently the same attitude has been thrown at restaurant workers, janitors, house cleaners, hotel workers, sanitation workers, and others. I stand for the workers just like I take a stand for the business and industry.

As Southwest Valley Chamber president, I’m honored to be the person who speaks for the business community.  Businesses are the economic engine creating jobs, offers products and services residents want close to home, generates tax revenue for city services, and contributes to keeping our community stable. A strong chamber of commerce is necessary for a strong business community. You’ll hear a lot more in the coming weeks.

Hundreds of local leaders will be out in the community, making calls and posting on social media to tell everyone about the Southwest Valley Chamber, what the chamber does and why it’s important for the community. Some of them might even be wearing a costume, so be sure to pose for a selfie. 

The key point to remember is each of us is important. We all have a purpose, a function, and a place in the world. A business serves a purpose as much as a person. Give a thank you to the working people you see all the time and you’ll both have a brighter day.