Young businessman in a suit juggling with office supplies in his office, isolated on white background

Have you ever had that feeling life tossed every obstacle at you all at once to see what would happen? You’re like a juggler keeping bowling balls in the air when, without warning, life adds an egg, an orange and kitten to your routine. That was an analogy. Please don’t juggle kittens or any animals. Also, remember bowling balls are the natural enemy to eggs. The point is: You managed to keep everything moving.

I remember a lesson from years ago from a maintenance tech named Mack: “God knows the age of every tree and the color of every flower. And, He knows just how wide your shoulders are. And He’ll never give you anything to carry that’s bigger than you can handle.” That always comes to mind when life becomes rambunctious with its unexpected challenges.

Now, if you’ve been in an overwhelming situation, think about your first breath after getting through it all. It’s a deep breath of relief. It literally feels like you’ve shrugged off a lead-lined winter coat weighing down your body but not your spirit. Your inner self is how you became free.

Are you ready to take a breath? It wasn’t the year you had planned or expected, that’s for sure. We have endured a lot; some more than others. That deep breath might be to get through the next steps. This is where the power of community can make a difference.

There will be people who could use some help getting rid of the weight. Maybe they need kind and supportive words, an ear to bend, hand to hold, shoulder to lean on, or something more tangible. Please think about that as you go about your day. Even a smile can brighten another person’s day ... and yours. I’ve said our community will stay strong because of our people. Burdensome circumstances always have an ending. Let’s do our best to ensure everyone can take that deep breath of relief.