Phil and Lisa Roux

Phil and Lisa Roux have been owners of Shooter’s World since 2002 and have two locations in Phoenix and Peoria, with the Goodyear location set to open this fall.

Shooter’s World, an Arizona family-owned and -operated firearms education facility, indoor shooting range and gun retailer, is opening its third Valley location in Goodyear this fall. 

The new location is the West Valley’s first facility of its kind and will provide more than 50 jobs.

“This is something that we’ve been working on for quite a while. It was just more of a timing issue. We’ve been looking all up and down the I-10. We know this area well. We get a really good vibe anytime we’re in this part of the Valley,” said Phil Roux, co-owner of Shooter’s World.

“Ultimately, we figured out that Goodyear was the place for us. So, the timing was perfect. We got this amazing building, and we’re really excited to see this through and get it built.”

The 36,000-square-foot facility features an education center offering multiple group training rooms and individual private-lesson pods for one-on-one training. Additionally, the retail space is over 5,000 square feet with product displays and demonstration zones. The indoor, climate-controlled shooting range consists of 24 lanes. 

While the facility is known to attract those that are experienced and knowledgeable on handling firearms, co-owner Lisa Roux said Shooter’s World is a place for everyone. 

“We pride ourselves on being accessible to people who have never touched a firearm before. During 2020, during the pandemic, we saw record numbers of brand-new shooters come in, so we are well versed in dealing with new shooters,” Lisa said. 

“The other benefit is we have the range, so somebody that’s coming in not knowing at all what kind of firearm they want, we can guide them through that process a lot better because they can utilize the rental guns on the range and really determine what’s the best fit for them.”

With locations in Phoenix and Peoria, Phil and Lisa have decided to make the new Goodyear location their headquarters. The couple said they’re excited to be one of the many businesses choosing to be a part of the city’s economic development growth. 

“All of the expansion that’s happening out this way and Goodyear has so much more expansion to go, so there’s going to be so much more room for growth here,” Lisa said. 

“Just the reputation that Goodyear has with working with business owners, they have a great reputation. They were interested to get us in, they were really easy for us to work with. The city council has been on board with us since the very beginning, which was a huge factor for us as well.” 

Shooter’s World of Goodyear is set to open in the fall, with access to retail and education, including concealed carry weapons permits, defensive mindset and children’s gun safety courses. 

“We offer tons of beginner classes, women’s specific classes as well. We really, from how we decorate the interior of the stores and the cleanliness to the staff that we hire, we go out of our way to be accessible to anybody walking in the front door,” Lisa said. 

The indoor shooting range is planned to open in early 2022.  

“We are very excited to welcome Shooter’s World and its corporate headquarters to the city of Goodyear,” said Brannon Hampton, Goodyear’s vice mayor.

“As the first indoor gun range in the far West Valley, the residents are very happy to have them here. We love to see local Arizona businesses thrive and know that Shooter’s World will be very successful in Goodyear.”

Shooter’s World has been a part of the Valley since the late 1980s and has been under the ownership of Phil and Lisa since 2002. The couple has worked together to live up to the company’s reputation of being Arizona’s premier indoor shooting range. 

Following his time with his armor business, Phil decided he wanted to test the armor on the range at the first Shooter’s World location in Phoenix and realized he wanted to expand and be part of a project from start to finish.  

“I got to the point where I really wanted to build a store from scratch, the way an indoor shooting range should be built, and that’s what led to the Peoria location,” he said. 

Phil said the staff is friendly and inviting. 

“What’s interesting about our stores is, we hear this all the time from our customers, they walk in and our stores are incredibly inviting when you walk in. From the way we design our membership counters or when you’re first greeted to approaching our firearms selection or approaching our range, everything is incredibly inviting,” he said. 

In terms of the future, Phil and Lisa said they are certain there will be a fourth Shooter’s World in 2022. 

“We know for sure we’re going to do a fourth location probably sometime next year,” Lisa said. “So we’re looking at that right now, we’re trying to find the real estate for that. Not entirely sure where that’s going to be yet. Then we’re doing a remodel of our Phoenix location, too, because that one was built in 1989, and it needs some TLC, so we’re going to fix that.”

The Peoria residents are looking forward to joining the Goodyear business community, with hopes of gaining immediate traction in the West Valley. 

“We have something for everybody. We cater to every individual. We care about the community. I’m really anxious for the community of Goodyear to see how philanthropic we are, how much we give back. That’s something that we’re really passionate about as well,” Lisa said. 

“We provide top-notch product and education. We like to build those relationships with our customers. We’ve had members that have been with us for 20 years, still shooting, still renewing their membership every year and shooting with us,” Phil said. 

The Goodyear facility will be located at 3740 W. Auto Drive. 

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