Bring the heat! I was grateful for the rain here and snow in the northern counties, but winter was too cold and too long for me. I’m sure someone will remind me I said this when temperatures hit 115 degrees. Warmer weather means more people riding motorcycles and scooters. Please give extra attention to your surroundings when on the road. To my brothers and sisters on two wheels: Please remember the dotted white line is not a traffic lane in Arizona. Everyone be safe and watch out for each other. We already do that, right?

Caring, kind and friendly people is one of the things I boast about when describing the Southwest Valley community. We’re four cities – Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Tolleson; home to the nicest people in the country, if not the world. I don’t mean a few here and there, like some places I’ve lived. I mean a big segment of our population. My proof is the stories thousands of tourists and visitors who stop at the Southwest Valley Chamber office tell us.

I can also make the claim that we have amazing people based on my observations and experience. I mentioned the other places I’ve lived. I moved to Arizona in 1991 and lived all over the metro area. I’ve also resided in several cities in four different states and traveled to dozens more for work prior to my position with the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce. There are good, kind and friendly people all over the country. Nowhere has the concentration of caring people been greater than here. I’ll give a tip of my hat to the residents of Buckeye, Arizona, and Eddy County, New Mexico, because they have a similar community mindset as the Southwest Valley. But it’s more than a mindset; it’s our culture.

Think about you, your friends and others in your circle. There’s at least one person who volunteers their time to a school program, a nonprofit, a local civic group, or helps a neighbor. That person might be you, and I bet you could name more than one who does this. That sense of helping others is built into our community. But this isn’t exclusive to our community, because there are good or amazing people everywhere. I think the Southwest Valley has more, and that makes us unique.

I could go on and on about why our community is so wonderful. Too much good stuff. My hope is that you see all the good here. Please take time to enjoy our four-city community, shop and eat here, visit the parks and get to know others like I do. You’ll quickly understand the reason it’s always a great day in the Southwest Valley.