Environmental and Public Health Awareness workshop Buckeye health seminar

“The overall purpose is to target teens and young adults”

Buckeye officials are hosting the first Environmental and Public Health Awareness workshop for students ages 11 to 20, in partnership with multiple Maricopa County services to educate students about environmental and personal health.

The event is 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 30, at the Coyote Library, 21699 W. Yuma Road, Buckeye. Registration is required for the free event that features lunch.

Public health officials from around the Valley will present lectures and discuss career paths within the public health field.

“The presentations provided by these public health officials are popular speakers and top managers within their field,” said Amy Murray, Buckeye environmental compliance officer.

Some of the topics include sustainability, recycling, stormwater, pollution prevention, landfill operations, vector control, monsoons and flood control, personal health and awareness, and drug abuse and prevention.

“As teenagers are preparing to go into college or the workforce, we are giving them a look into a new direction with the county or city health,” Murray said.

Scouts will be invited to the program so they can earn public health merit badges, which are hard to earn, according to Murray.

Scout or not, this event is beneficial for all students.

“The overall purpose is to target teens and young adults to provide them an education on environmental and personal health, and an increased awareness of career opportunities.”

To register, call 623-349-6300.