Dancer Esmeralda Castro will be featured in The Door Within.

Estrella Mountain Community College’s student performing company will bring The Door Within to the stage at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Friday, December 1, and Saturday, December 2.

Under the artistic direction of residential dance faculty member Janaea Lyn McAlee, DancEstrella features projects by dance majors enrolled in Choreography 2. Those include collaborative dances by DancEstrella members; a new work by McAlee and composer/pianist David Anderson with guest musician Judyta Murzyn; and a solo by guest artist Jazmin Parker, an EMCC dance program graduate completing her BFA degree in dance at ASU. Audience members are invited to a brief post-performance conversation with the company immediately after each performance.

“The starting point for our production this semester is the idea of entrances, exits and thresholds,” McAllee said. “The dancers were inspired to explore these ideas from an interior perspective and the title evolved from that focus.”

Each semester, McAlee develops a new work with Anderson. In My Time traces her journey in different styles of dance and through time to find acceptance and synthesis in the present.

To celebrate the college’s 25th anniversary, Parker choreographed a solo specifically for this show. Seizing Control is about women empowering themselves in a man’s world, fighting to overcome their fears and confronting those holding them down.

Ali Ruiz, a transfer student to EMCC, choreographed New Beginnings. This trio celebrates the idea that it is never too late to take a new path in life. Choreographer Leidy Ruelas was intrigued by the idea that people are like the phases of the moon. Episodes is a trio which explores the ways in which we only reveal what we want others to see.

Ripples of My Mind Matter is a duet choreographed by Esmeralda Castro that investigates the experiences of altered states and the premise that to open your conscious mind is to open your heart.

The daily experiences and challenges of belonging and otherness that dreamers and immigrants must face is the basis of Eva Patricia Rincon’s quartet, Taking Space.

Choreographed and performed by Alyssa Bidwell, Esmeralda Castro, Brooke Kent and Ruelas, Don’t Hold Your Breath is a rollercoaster ride through the quirky playfulness between friends.

Next Life, choreographed and performed by Ali Gaynor, Roberto Lopez, Arisa Moser and Jessi Young, journeys through the ways in which we experience the many phases of life and of death and the power of memories to sustain us.

In Sensible Efforts, Bryonne Thompson and Francis Lopez find that being able to express ones’ true self in a new friendship not only brings happiness, but gives us courage to become the best version of ourselves.

It is your own responsibility to face and change your life instead of dwelling on where it is. What Now? What Next? follows Dalyla Bates, Adriana Escobedo and Samantha Hecla as they struggle to make choices in and for their lives.

Choreographed and performed by Deckontee Lowery and Ruiz, Struggle and Rescue of Beauty takes us into heartbreak and reconciliation within a friendship.

The EMCC Performing Arts Center is located at 3000 N. Dysart Road in Avondale. This event is open to the public and admission is free. For more information contact Janaea Lyn McAlee at 623-935-8427,