The Questers

The Questers

Daphne Davis is a 40-year member of The Questers, a nonprofit organization that focuses on preservation and restoration of historical artifacts and buildings.

“My sister belonged, and she looked like she was having a lot of fun,” Davis said. “It’s a very interesting organization to belong to. You grow a lot because you learn a lot and at the same time you go on trips and socialize with other chapters. It looked like fun and it still is.”

The Questers’ motto is, “It’s fun to search and a joy to find.” The Questers are hosting a state meeting at the Moon Valley Country Club on April 5.

Originally a member of the Iowa chapter, Davis moved to Minnesota where she continued her work with The Questers. Davis relocated to Buckeye to be with friends and became the Arizona Questers president, and a member of the new Buckeye chapter.

“A member belongs to a chapter that has monthly meetings with programs that educate and stimulate and captivate interests through trips,” Davis said. “Chapters may hold joint meetings and socialize and share programs.”

The organization is in 17 states and within those states, there are local chapters. Each chapter is made up of at least eight members who share the same passion for history.

The Questers will also have the chance to partake in socializing events, go to museums and be a part of the community. As an interior designer, one of Davis’ favorite projects was when her chapter decorated store windows, seasonally.

A chapter typically has officers—president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. There are four rules for The Questers: there has to be at least eight members; the chapter name must be of historic significance; they can’t charge for speaking to another Quester chapter; and if they raise funds and involve the public, they must use the money for preservation and restoration.

The Buckeye chapter has adopted the name “Hellzapoppin’.”

“The gal who suggested the name said, ‘Did you know in the new Urban Dictionary Hellzapoppin’ means amazing?’ We all replied ‘No, we didn’t know that,’” Davis said with a laugh. “She said, ‘I think we should be called this because we are an amazing group of people coming together to do this and Hellzapoppin’ rodeo was instrumental in the success of Buckeye.’”

Bess Barden created The Questers in 1944 in Philadelphia while she was working during WWII. The hard times inspired Barden to bring joy to others by putting a pretty antique photo on her desk. The photo brought beauty to others, so much so that she invited coworkers to come to her home and share antiques.

“They had so much fun after the first meeting they just kept going,” Davis said. “That’s how it started. Most members are collectors, so the meetings allow them to share their collections for a show and tell.”

The Questers offers daytime and nighttime chapters, so any female antique enthusiast can join. Interested women should contact Vice President Vicki Metcalf at 928-707-3643 and she will suggest a chapter.