Dominique Issa Brown

Dominique Issa Brown is a 2019 graduate of Agua Fria High School.

Dominique Issa Brown, 18, of Avondale, graduated from the U.S. Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, on Sept. 13, at a rank of E2.

Brown successfully completed eight weeks of intensive basic training at the Great Lakes Navy Academy, where she was challenged academically, physically and physically and taught the skills of training in a team environment.

Brown completed courses in firearms, firefighting and water survival skills. After graduation, Brown went immediately to start her schooling in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the next 17 weeks for her job as an intelligence specialist seaman apprentice.

Brown is a 2019 graduate of Agua Fria High School, where she completed two years of ROTC with a 3.7 GPA and was a four-year starter on the varsity girls’ basketball team, where she was among the top five players in three-pointers in her division.