Agua Fria Fine Arts Showcase

Students will share their art visions with the community at the Agua Fria Fine Arts Showcase, Saturday at Millennium High School. 

The Agua Fria Union High School District will be exhibiting talented fine arts students again for their second annual Agua Fria Fine Arts Showcase. This free showcase gives students a platform to show the community their different skills and talents, with dance and theater performances, band and orchestra demonstrations and live visual art.

“The showcase is a way for us to say thank you to our community for supporting the arts in the Agua Fria Union High School District,” Ryan Williams, Fine Arts Specialist, said. “We have really strong programming at our five high schools and we just really want to show our students’ talent.”

The Agua Fria Union High School District Fine Arts Showcase is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, March 21, at Millennium High School, 14802 West Wigwam Boulevard, Goodyear. At press time, there was no notification that the event would be canceled or rescheduled. Many West Valley events are being postponed or canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan Williams is the Fine Arts Specialist for Desert Edge High School’s Conservatory of Arts and Design and said the showcase was built off of a smaller event that happened in 2018. He said the booster club and the conservatory wanted to open their doors to the community to show the work and talent of their students.

“For the arts to really exist, the community needs to interact with it,” he said. “There’s no sense of making art if you’re going to hide it. We did it out of necessity to be transparent with what we’re doing.”

The first showcase was held in 2019 at the conservatory where Williams said they had nearly 1,000 attendees. This year, there will be a theme tied into the showcase, a Beatles inspired “All You Need Is Art.”

Williams said the showcase will feature nearly 500 pieces of art, 50 pieces per teacher per school, along with each of the five high school performance, theater groups and instrumental groups. At the end of the showcase, the participants of all five high schools will join together for one massive celebratory finale.

“This is like a sporting event for the arts and this is like their homecoming type of event,” Williams said. “It’s just important. It’s great art advocacy when you can allow the students a time and moment to show what they’ve been working on over their period of their high school career.”

The second showcase will take place at Millennium High School this year. Williams said the location will rotate to each of the five Agua Fria high schools from year to year so the community can see each of the five school sites.

“It allows the teams on the campuses to build their idea of a showcase. It will carry on the structure from the prior year but they can tweak it and make it fresh,” Williams said.

“It’s neat to create such a large scale event and see it happen. It’s a big deal for our students and our teachers. We work really hard to make sure our students get a high quality education.”