Youth Advisory Commission

The Avondale Youth Advisory Commission is working to keep teens and young adults inspired about their future via a new virtual event called the Career Speaker Series.

The Career Speaker Series will be hosted through Zoom from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23, and Thursday, Feb. 25. 

The series features professionals from a variety of careers sharing information on the work they do in an interactive format. Each night will feature different speakers and will begin with a general discussion, followed by breakout rooms where participants will have the opportunity to talk with professionals in smaller groups.

“Students and young adults who might not have an idea of what they envision for their future are invited to engage and familiarize themselves with different career paths,” said Erin Furnish, youth development coordinator for Avondale.

The events are free and available to any youth interested in participating. Members of Avondale’s Youth Advisory Commission have coordinated this first-time event and will be moderating the speaker series. Career speakers lined up include professionals in the fields of marine biology, nursing, nonprofit directors and more. Speakers represented will be from Avondale as well as across the nation. 

Preregistration is required for the free event(s), at Youth are invited to attend one or both days of the series. For any questions, email Erin Furnish at