Buckeye implements summer reading program

The Coyote Branch Library is participating in the Maricopa County summer reading program.

The Buckeye Public Library System is asking readers of all ages to continue reading and learning over the summer with the A Universe of Stories summer program, which celebrates the Apollo moon landing’s 50th anniversary.

The Maricopa County Library District-provided program emphasizes reading 20 or more minutes per day, with a variety of different summer-based activities such as storytelling sessions or even escape rooms.

Buckeye libraries are not part of the Maricopa County system, though they do participate in the reading program.

By going online to maricopacountyreads.org and logging reading time daily through August 1, kids will be eligible to receive prizes, while not losing their academic motivation over the summer months.

“It helps prevent or lessen that summer slide some of them go through, so they are retaining info that they learned in the classroom,” Library Assistant Janene Van Leeuwen said.

While the program targets kids in school, Buckeye libraries also encourage parents or caregivers to read alongside their kids.

Library staff hope parents who participate will not only drive up numbers, but the overall amount of reading happening at home even when the school year comes.

“The kids can see their mentors do it, which obviously helps the adults because they’re continuing to learn, but also then the kids are more motivated because they see their parents or guardians,” said library manager Jana White.

For more information or to get involved with or volunteer in the summer reading program, visit buckeyeaz.gov/residents/library or stop by one of the city’s locations in person.