To keep students learning even outside of school, here’s a list of free online educational resources. 

Smithsonian’s website has games, videos and photos of some of its collections in the museum that can be accessed at

TedEd’s website has five- to six-minute videos on lessons throughout the different subjects from the arts to physics. They are free to all and can be accessed at 

The National Constitution Center has history games and lessons about prominent times of history. From learning through an interactive Constitution to a game about Abraham Lincoln’s presidential decisions, students have free access to these history resources. The program can be accessed at

The PBS Digital Studios Art Assignment is a video series that teaches art and art history lessons through a series of online assignments and videos. The program is also a way to encourage students to create and express their artistic skills and think of art through a modern standpoint. All lessons, videos and assignments are free and can be accessed at

CommonLit is a free English/language arts learning model with a plan to give everyone access to the tools they need to properly graduate. The nonprofit education website has over 2,000 free reading passes for grades 3-12, with assessment along the way. An account with CommonLit is free for students and teachers and is flexible for each student. Students can access the readings at

Scholastic created a free, all-access digital learning hub with educational activities for pre-kindergarten and grades 6-9. The website will provide three hours of learning a day, with subjects like language arts, STE, social studies and science.There is no account login or payment required, and it can be accessed at is a free online resource to help students learn and improve their typing skills. The program is free for everyone and has three different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced typing practices. The lessons can be accessed at

Sight Reading Factory is a website to give musicians a chance to practice their sight reading skills even while isolated at home. The free access is limited; however, musicians are able to customize their sight reading experience, from difficulty level to note types and instrument. Student musicians can access this practice program at