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Kids at Hope and the city of Avondale Neighborhood & Family Service Department are hosting a virtual Advocating Hope certification academy from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 12, and Thursday, May 13. 

They invite local school staff, teachers, faith-based leaders, youth leaders, business owners and residents to get involved in a series of training sessions, as part of Avondale’s commitment as a Kids at Hope City. 

In September 2009, Avondale adopted a resolution, becoming the first Kids at Hope City in the country and striving to create an environment where all children experience success.

 Since becoming a Kids at Hope City, Avondale has worked with school districts, the local Boys & Girls Club, faith-based groups and other organizations serving youth to celebrate and foster every child’s potential to succeed. 

Research shows that children grow up more optimistic, successful and hopeful when they know that adults believe in them, are connected to caring adults and are able to talk about their future.

The training offers caring adults the experience necessary to acquire the training techniques and technical assistance skills they will need to launch and sustain the Kids at Hope initiative within their organization.

Registration link:

Pre-registration required by Monday, May 10. Space is limited; no cost to attend. Contact Donna Gardner, youth and community engagement manager, at 623-333-2723 or

Kids at Hope is an initiative that empowers youth-serving organizations (schools, YMCAs, BGCs, parks and recreation departments, police and fire departments, etc.) and entire communities to create an environment where all children experience success, without exception. 

City of Avondale was the first city to adopt the Kids at Hope philosophy, which is an internationally known initiative.