rotary Club of Goodyear-Pebble Creek

Creating ‘emergency baskets,’ the rotary Club of Goodyear-Pebble Creek is gearing up for its annual holiday food delivery on Dec. 21.

It’s no secret schools struggle to keep enough supplies in the classroom to help students learn. But what about supplies for the school nurses?

Lesser known but just as critical are items to be stocked and ready for the school nurse to use. When elementary students come to the school nurse and end up needing clean socks, underwear, shirts, pants, feminine supplies or other items, unfortunately, those things are usually in short supply. 

So the Rotary Club of Goodyear-Pebble Creek is stepping up to help.

Last year, Rotary members heard from Litchfield School District Superintendent Jodi Gunning about the need, which prompted the Rotarian members to get to work. The Goodyear-Pebble Creek Rotary Club raised funds during its fall program and were able to put together several “emergency baskets.” These baskets consisted of several hundred dollars’ worth of supplies, including a variety of sizes of clothing plus feminine products, wipes, Neosporin, etc.

“There really isn’t funding for that kind of thing in schools,” said Rotary member Joan Smith. “We wanted to help.” 

Rotary members delivered the baskets to several Title 1 schools last year and the school nurses were overjoyed by the donated items. So the Rotary continued the tradition this year. 

It recently delivered emergency baskets to the following schools: Rancho Santa Fe Elementary, Dreaming Summit Elementary, Barbara B Robey Elementary, Corte Sierra Elementary, Wigwam Creek Middle School and L Thomas Heck Middle School.

“It’s the little things that help,” Smith added. “We’ve always had a strong sense of purpose to help the underserved, especially children.”

Holiday Delivery

Now, the Rotary Club of Goodyear-Pebble Creek is gearing up for its annual holiday food delivery on Dec. 21. They get food boxes together that include a full holiday meal of ham, fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, cake mix, potatoes, butter, etc. They purchase items for a discount at Walmart on Estrella Parkway. 

From local schools, the Rotary receives names of needy families to deliver to. In addition, Rotarians have local teachers to help them pick out books for each child in the family to offer as a gift.

 Then they set up a delivery day. 

“All our members love delivering,” Smith explained. 

One year, a Rotary member at a home delivery noticed that the family didn’t have a Christmas tree. So the Rotary member went home, got a tree and décor and toys, then returned to give them to the family. 

“Now that’s the true meaning of Christmas,” she said.