Quentin STEM Academy

District staff and community members celebrate Quentin STEM Academy being named a Model PLC school.

Avondale’s Quentin STEM Academy has been honored as a Model Professional Learning Community (PLC).

 The international honor comes from the Solution Tree organization and culminates a journey six years in the making, noted said Dr. Loni Fife, principal of Quentin.

“The idea of professional learning communities began years ago when teachers advocated for more time to collaborate with peers. Years later, it is hard to imagine how far we have come as a school. I am beyond proud of my teachers for their hard work and dedication in becoming a Solution Tree Model PLC School,” Fife said.

To be named as a PLC, schools have to recognize the key to improved learning for students is ongoing job embedded learning for the adults who serve the students. A PLC focuses on learning, collaboration and results.

Also in the Littleton Elementary School District, on Oct. 8 and Oct. 9, families will participate in their first virtual parent/teacher conference.

Like most others around the West Valley, LESD has been in distance-learning mode for the fall semester.

“Parental engagement is a desirable component in schools and is essential for effective education. Through the engagement activities that have been afforded to our families, we have built relationships between the home and school in which our families value education, and as a result we are seeing an increase in student motivation and academic competence,” said Kristen Vande Water, executive director of the district’s school leadership.