Children In Fancy Costume Dress Going Trick Or Treating

Abrazo Health says staying safe on Halloween is just as important as having fun.

One of kids’ favorite holidays is almost here.

Halloween has a well-earned reputation for scares and sweets, but some think health safety is just as important as the tricks and treats.

 “Halloween is a great time for families to bond, but it doesn’t have to be over chocolate bars. As Halloween continues to evolve, so do your choices for treats for your kids and the trick-or-treaters at your door,” said Brian B. Dursteler, an emergency physician at Abrazo West Campus.

 Abrazo recommends trick-or-treaters (and parents) should wave glow sticks and stay hydrated with juice boxes and mini bottles of water as they hunt for candy.

For inexpensive, healthy alternatives to handing out sweets, consider stickers, bubbles, crayons and play dough.

“Parents are always concerned with their children’s safety, and there are a few basic things to keep in mind when preparing for a night of trick-or-treating,” added Dursteler.

Here are a few tips from Abrazo West Campus to keep you, your family and friends safe this Halloween.

 The Costume

• Avoid wearing cosmetic contact lenses, they can cause eye damage - including corneal abrasions, allergic reactions, infection, pain and vision loss.

• To avoid trips and falls, make sure masks fit well and don’t block vision.

Test makeup in a small area before applying to prevent an allergic reaction.

 • Costume props, such as swords and knives, should have smooth and flexible tips to prevent injury.

 • Wear fire-resistant costumes in case you accidentally stand too close to a candlelit jack-o’-lantern.

Make sure costumes aren’t too long and shoes fit correctly so you don’t trip and fall.

 The Adventure

• Stay on the sidewalks, and only cross only at intersections. Don’t cross or hide between parked cars. Look both ways before crossing the street.

• Carry a flashlight to guide your path and make you more visible to traffic.

• Wear reflective tape on your costume so drivers can better see you.

• Trick-or-treat in a group with adult supervision.

• Do not enter homes to get candy.

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