Vaping devices

Vaping devices often are easy to hide, which has created problems for many schools.

At its Nov. 12 meeting, the Governing Board of the Tolleson Union High School District authorized Superintendent Nora Gutierrez to work with legal counsel to become part of a lawsuit against JUUL, the nation’s largest manufacturer, distributor and seller of electronic cigarettes (also known as “vapes”). 

JUUL’s marketing campaigns feature a variety of flavors enticing to young people and the manufacturer claims their vaping products are safer than cigarettes. One JUUL pod is equal to two packs of cigarettes. The JUUL devices and pods are designed to look like common gadgets, making the product relatively easy for teens to hide at school.

“Our top priority in the Tolleson Union High School District is the safety and health of our students,” said Gutierrez. “It is our duty to protect our young adults and that is why our Governing Board saw the need for our school district to join this fight for the well-being of our students.”

The Surgeon General previously issued an Advisory on E-Cigarette use among youth emphasizing the importance of protecting our children from a lifetime of nicotine addiction and associated health risks by immediately addressing the epidemic of youth e-cigarette use.

According to a press release from the district, “no taxpayer funds will be used as part of this litigation. The law firms representing the District have agreed to a contingency fee arrangement. They will also cover all costs of the lawsuit."