Community garden

Each plot at the Estrella Community Garden is a 3-by-6-foot box with irrigation systems. Sold by season, they cost $190. (Joe McHugh/Staff)

Thanks to the Estrella Realtor Networking Group, the Estrella Community Garden in Goodyear has come to life.

The grassroots project, which was unveiled on Nov. 19, offers a way for the community to come together and learn how to garden and meet their neighbors, all while on a plot of land overlooking the Estrella Mountains.

“It’s really cool when you have a vision and then it all comes together; this is just celebrating that vision,” Estrella Realtor Kim Svabik said. “We have people who’ve never even picked up a seed and they turned out to be amazing green thumbs. And then you meet your neighbors, you meet people that aren’t neighbors, you make good friends.”

Spearheaded by Estrella Realtor Jennifer Polansky, the community garden plan started over two years ago during the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally thought to be a quick project, Polansky had to go through the planning process of bringing something like this to fruition. 

“I originally thought this was going to be a two-week thing,” Polansky said. 

However difficult it was, though, Polansky pushed through, and “eight or 900 emails later,” her plan came to life. Originally bonding through gardening with her late grandmother, this project meant much more.

The concept of a community garden is simple, as it is a way to give a blank canvas of land to people, where they can let their minds run free on what they want to plant in it. Each plot is a roughly 3-by-6-foot box, equipped with irrigation systems for each of the 12 boxes in the community garden. The plots are sold by season, from September to June, for $190.

“We have a homeschooler group that has their own plot,” Polansky said. “And so, for that season, they get to maintain their plot as their own. So, they can grow whatever they want.”

The community garden was just one of four events that the Estrella Realtor Networking Group put on this year. They have shown their support in a multitude of ways to many different charitable causes. 

Among many, they recently participated in “Socktober,” a donation-based event in which they gave over 1,600 pairs of socks to André House of Arizona. 

“People see Realtors just collecting paychecks,” Svabik said. “Especially the last two years, but we’re constantly giving back but you really can’t see it.”

Polansky isn’t done with the community garden project yet, though, as she has more plans to implement that will further help bring together the community and make this project even better than it already is. 

“I’m hoping to put some benches in, and I’d like to put a little library in there so you can pull books and just hang out by the plants.” Polansky said.

“I am very proud of it,” Goodyear Vice Mayor Brannon Hampton said of the project.

“I think Jennifer has done a really good job. She’s really pushed it and really made it happen. And I think it warms my heart to know that there’s more and more events like this going on.”

The Estrella Community Garden can be found at 18209 W. Calistoga Drive, Goodyear.