Traveler performs music influenced by travels around the world. (Traveler/Submitted)

Scott Jeffers will take patrons on a musical journey through exotic lands when he brings his world music to Goodyear Recreation Campus at 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19.

“I’m a big traveler,” said Jeffers, who performs under the name Traveler.

“We’re performing styles of music influenced by all of my journeys — all the ancient lands, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Ireland, Scotland.

“I write music as I’m traveling. I’m creating the music there and making a show out of it. That’s our concept. It’s not just a musical event; it’s a concept of a journey. Besides that, they’re going to get a unique, high-energy band that plays a lot of exotic instruments. It’s a good way to spend your night for sure.”

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Jeffers grew up in Tucson, where he graduated from Project MORE High School. Music was always in his blood.

“Before I played an instrument, I was a musician — but without an instrument,” said Jeffers, who lives in Tempe.

“My brothers and sisters were playing games and I was just listening to music. I’d have my parents put on albums and tapes. I was obsessed with this music for as long as I can remember. I remember being so moved by the music. By the time I got an instrument, it was clear it was my path.”

He received a guitar when he was 12 and was “so hooked.” His fingers blistered because he wouldn’t stop playing. “It was like an awakening,” he said.

Jeffers started traveling abroad after he became obsessed with Greek artist Haris Alexiou. Pre-internet, Jeffers went to Greece to immerse himself in the country’s music.

“With Greece, the music was so exotic,” he said.

“It made me see things and feel things. I was in this unique place that had so much history. I knew I had to go there to find out where this music was from and help me create the music. I wanted to be in the places that had the history, meet these people from generations upon generations, the building, the landscape, the food, the scent of the diff plants as you’re walking through a field. It’s all unique and reflected in the music.”

Traveling isn’t always fun, Jeffers said. However, it’s always an experience worth having.

“Some of the more difficult countries have birthed some of my best songs — like being lost in Romania. It’s not as scary as it is irritating,” he said.

“I spend a lot of time lost on my journeys. Some of my best songs come from being lost and frustrated.”

Traveler’s latest album is “Kings of India,” which melds 18th century Scotland, the majestic elephants of India and fairytales, according to Jeffers.

“It’s inspired by a fusion of different trips that I went on,” he said. “I went to India in 2020, just as the pandemic was hitting. I was there for a month, and I saw amazing things. I wrote a lot of songs about what I saw there. I’ve been lucky to set my life up so I can do these types of things to make my life more interesting.”