Mental illness in plain sight


Donald Trump is one sick puppy, or is it his followers? I think they both are not well.

I didn’t think I would ever hear someone sitting in the White House calling for a boycott of an American company like Harley Davidson.

Donald Trump should be given a Silva test. He’s not well, even for a Republican.

I hope when he gets impeached – and he will get impeached – that he doesn’t jump off the Grand Canyon.

Do you know how hard it is to clean up garbage from the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Why do you Republicans lie so much?

Don’t you know you can go to hell for lying? Didn’t your mother tell you that?

Alfred Molina, Tonopah

Turnout, turnout, turnout


So now that the primaries are history, the battle lines have been drawn here in Arizona.

The Democratic candidate for governor wants open borders. He says we can only imagine no walls on Arizona’s southern border. Really? To me that kind of thinking is pure insanity, and maybe even treasonous.

We have Kyrsten Sinema, a makeover Socialist, trying to redefine herself as a moderate to win a U.S. Senate seat. Remember, Col. Martha McSally was fighting a war as a jet fighter pilot when Sinema was protesting that war.

Republicans, who out-register Democrats in Arizona, need to understand one thing: the three most important things that will decide the election are turnout, turnout, turnout.

Democrats are on steroids and madder than hell, chomping at the bit to impeach President Trump. Understand they have blood in their eyes. If they take the House, make no mistake, President Trump will be impeached. It’s not because he committed any high crimes. It’s because, plain and simple, they hate his guts. I’m 100 percent sure. Nancy Pelosi will be second in line to be president of the United States.

My message to my fellow Republicans is to vote in Arizona’s most important election in this century. No apathy. No excuses for not voting. We must out-hustle and out-motivate the Democrats if we are to preserve our values.

Think, eat and breathe “turnout” from now until Election Day. Make it a point to urge like-minded friends and neighbors to vote. The Democrats have blood in their eyes and they are motivated as never before.

If Republicans fail to turn out in mass on Election Day, all the good President Trump has done will be stalled, including the Supreme Court. We are today, and have been for several years, engaged in a cultural civil war in this nation. Republicans need to take that fact seriously. The Democrats know it and are engaged. Honestly, this may be the most important letter I have ever written to the View.

Roy Azzarello, Goodyear

A border wall, why?


Well, here are three more reasons why we need a border wall: Abraham Oliveros-Suarez, Armando Oliveros-Suarez and Rodrigo Valdez, the three whom the Buckeye Police Department nabbed in its latest sting (West Valley View, August 29). Do we need a wall? Are you kidding me? We needed it for a long time. Oh, I’m sorry, maybe they were just three good ol’ boys trying to scrape up enough money for their college tuition. They might have been your neighbor.

Dennis Batterman, Buckeye

Hurry, before it’s too late


Hey, we have another election just around the corner. Let us hope we have a better selection this time. This election was like the old coin flip: “Heads I win. Tails you lose.”

Just because we have bad leaders around the world doesn’t mean the people are bad. Most of the people around the world want to live in peace with their families. But these days it seems like our leaders are more worried about their power rather than the people who elected them.

Who has the bigger bomb? Let’s face it, these days most, not all, of the Democrats and the Republicans who are in the White House are corrupt and don’t give a hoot about the working-class folk. They just tell us what we want to hear to get our vote.

I almost feel sorry for Trump. He is an unscrupulous businessman, manipulating the money out of others’ pockets into his own, and using our own laws to do it. How many times has he claimed bankruptcy, leaving his trusted investors out to dry? He may know how to manipulate as a businessman, but he definitely lacks in knowing anything about being the president. Oops, looks like he bit off more than he can chew.

Remember the program he did where he fired people? Well, it looks like he is about to get a dose of his own medicine. Think he cares where he gets his money from, or who he hurts? No, he doesn’t care as along as he gets the money and the power.

Now, if you have heard of a Bell curve and you apply it to Republicans and Democrats, you will find they want very much the same things. Sure, you have radicals on both ends in every society. Examples are neo-Nazis, ISIS, Taliban, Black Panthers, Kim Jong-Un, psychotic radicals (both Republicans, and Democrats). Between religion and politics, it is no wonder there are continuous wars among us human beings. If our leaders were really smart, they could use just half of the energy and money put into war and use it to better humanity, we would not be in such bad shape. However, it bounces right back to power and money. Power needs control of money in this society to succeed.

The radical Republicans are bad winners, constantly trying to justify their voting selection of Trump. The radical Democrats are bad losers, trying to blame their loss on someone or something else. I mean, it is almost time for another election, and the radicals are still harping about this last election.

Stop harping. Harping by an individual, in this case, is a way for that person to justify his or her vote, win or lose. Most just like to harp about something until you wish they would just stop their useless harping. You can do two things with a mistake: keep beating yourself overhead with it or learn by it. It’s very difficult for a radical to understand this. They just keep trying to justify their mistakes. It is likely overcompensation due to a feeling of inferiority.

Want to know something that you should be harping about? Global warming. Fact: The ice caps mass will melt if the overall warming temperature increases 2 degrees. It has increased 1.5 degrees in the last 20 years. Now, if we can stop the pollution before it reaches 2 degrees, the global warming would be stabilized. Guess what? There’s nothing humans can do to stop it. In fact, there is so much pollution in the atmosphere that we can’t even stop it from going to 2.5 degrees. Result: global flooding, increased hurricanes, coastlines flooded, etc.

It’s too late. We are past the point of no return. Look at China, still pumping tons of pollution in the atmosphere every day. Americans burn more than 300 million gallons of gasoline per day.

Conclusion: Thanks to politicians, big business, the military and lousy leaders all over the globe, we are where we are. And where we are headed as a race doesn’t look good.

A global multiple-choice internet questionnaire should be devised so people all over the planet can voice their opinion of how they want things to be. Are you satisfied with the way your government runs things, etc.? See how the people from all walks of life over the globe would like things changed. “Global People’s Opinion.” No names, just a made-up number. This way they shouldn’t be able to be traced, forged or executed. I realize in some countries (i.e., North Korea) this probably would not be possible.

Try to remember, governments (including ours) are like a magic show, and the politicians are like magicians. While they are showing you one thing to your face, they are really doing the trick elsewhere. It is called misdirection, and it’s deceiving. Most politicians are professional liars. It is part of their pre-requisition to be a member of the government, especially the White House. They also use the old scare tactic, like the security company that speaks of all the break-ins that have occurred in your neighborhoods. Gee, I better get one before it happens to me.

Now, here it comes, the old close. The words so often heard by the ones that want us to buy into their bull. Here it is, used by politicians and sales pitches all over the world: “Hurry, before it’s too late.” Have you ever heard this? They are going to bomb us, terrorize us, poison us, rob us or kill us?

Is our fear causing us to spend billions upon billions to build up our military? Not just the United States, but other countries all over the globe. Who are we afraid of? Ourselves, obviously. Not North Korea, who is just part of the magic show. The United States could deter any attack by North Korea and decimate the entire country in just hours. So, we really don’t need to worry about them. Our global leaders don’t want peace on Earth. It’s just not good business. Ask Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Xi Jinping of China, military, private military contractors and oil companies.

And remember, “Hurry, before it’s too late.”

Dennis Wood, Goodyear

Follow-up to Flynn


Reference John Flynn’s “Trump: Clueless or a liar” letter in the August 29 West Valley View.

Mr. Flynn is either a liar or clueless himself. Research the GDP under President Obama. Once it was 3.1. The rest of the time it was lower. It never hit 4. You comment on Germany, wow. Have you been there? Read anything in Der Spiegel or other German publications? Crime is up. I won’t go on.

Folks, just remember, we all have an opinion, and we all have a nose. Some opinions stink; some don’t. Obama never had the “hitman” kicking in his or the Obama family life many times a day like President Trump. President Trump has the backing of minorities; a lot more than Obama. The lefty left liberals are in for a big surprise in November. This country is not ready for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or anybody or any group who wants to make us a socialist commie nation. It ain’t happening, buster.

Walter Dillon, Avondale