HOA vs. residents misunderstanding


I would like to submit the following to Letters to the Editor in response to the article in your December 26 issue.

I am not a member of the Verrado HOA, so I cannot speak to their CC&Rs specifically. I am a former board member for another local HOA. I have heard the same concerns in our HOA when I was on the board.

A little background:

• The HOA governing documents are the CC&Rs, articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules and regulations that are regulated by Arizona state law and federal regulations. They are drawn up and agreed to between the developer and the city years before the construction begins. They ensure property owners that there will be consistency in any alterations to any property within the development.

• If you are an owner, you should be given a copy of the CC&Rs and the time to read through them (that was not my experience nor was it the experience of some of my HOA members). That was always a sore point with me. That agreement forms an enforceable contact between the HOA and the individual homeowner.

• If you are a renter, you should be given a copy of the CC&Rs before you rent. My experience has been that the renter finds out after the fact when they receive a notice of violation from the owner/management company.

• In our HOA, we have an architectural board. They oversee changes in the properties and following the current building codes. They also review members’ concerns, i.e., parking. They approve, or recommend to the board, any changes to the CC&Rs based upon the various circumstances that may apply. The BOD has the final say on approval or denial of the members’ request.

Arizona statute states an HOA must allow a resident employed by a public service corporation or public safety agency to park on a street or driveway a vehicle necessary for emergency services or maintenance of electrical, water or telecommunications infrastructure.

The board of directors, management and members of the committees have a fiduciary responsibility to follow federal regulations, the state law and the city regulations.

I am sorry that Mr. Andersen was not aware of the CC&Rs concerning vehicle parking and that these rules are preventing him from the “quiet enjoyment” of his residence in Verrado. However, the HOA should not be blamed for the rules and regulations they must follow.

Marilyn A. Walker Vollmer


I just don’t get it


Why has the deep red state of Arizona now become a purple state, politically evidenced by the election of a Democratic secretary of state, being one heartbeat away from governor, and a communist-leaning U.S. senator disguised as a moderate?

Here is one major reason. In recent years, demographics have changed. These changing demographics are, for the most part, an overflow of Californians pulling up stakes in the Golden State and moving to Arizona. These Californians are mainly white, young, well-educated and overwhelmingly progressive.

These people are leaving California because of sanctuary city blight, increased crime from illegals, a proposed tax on text messaging, and abusive taxation in general, initiated by progressive politicians who are trying to support illegal sanctuary cities through almost confiscatory taxation on Californians.

These mainly young, white, well-educated and financially well-off Californians want to stay wealthy. They sell their 1,500-square-foot houses for $1 million, and then move here and buy three houses for $1 million total. Pretty smart, I would say. I don’t blame them.

Here is what I don’t get. Why are these people who fled California because of intolerable conditions caused by progressive politicians voting Democratic here?

Yes, I just don’t get it. Instead of voting the destructive progressive politicians out of office in California and saving their beautiful state for posterity, they leave that place and now want to destroy Arizona by voting for the same mob of politically correct, feckless progressives who caused them to leave California in the first place. These good people are well educated and smart, but make no sense at all by voting for progressive Democrats and making life here in Arizona worse for everyone.

On a corollary issue, I think I figured out what it will take to get the Democrats to allow our government to quickly build the wall. If a few terrorists managed to sneak a nuclear bomb across the border and totally annihilate an American city, that would surely get Schumer and Pelosi to act really fast. You can bet they would blame Trump for the disaster as well. Everyone should pray that despite our own self-destructive mentality, by not building the wall, God will keep His hand of protection upon America, as He has done since the formation of the republic.

Roy Azzarello





The main responsibility of our government is to defend our Constitution and provide for the common defense. If it fails in those responsibilities, then it has failed. President Trump, in demanding to protect our southern borders, is trying to fulfill those responsibilities but is being thwarted by Democrat leaders who don’t want real border security, even though as recently as 2009 Sen. Schumer advocated for strong border security.

Many Americans are wondering why the Democrats continue to obstruct approving $5.6 billion (a rounding error in a $4 trillion plus budget) to protect our southern borders. Wanting to stop drug traffickers, MS-13 gangs, terrorists and human traffickers would seem to be a no-brainer unless their hatred for President Trump overrides their duty to protect American citizens. Building a wall makes common sense because it would also deter and discourage immigrants from exposing young children to dangerous environmental and criminal hazards while traveling long distances. Walls work, just ask the Israelis who built a wall in the West Bank to protect against terrorists resulting in a 99 percent decrease in terrorist attacks.

America is a welcoming and generous nation and continues to welcome more than 1 million immigrants annually – the most of any country in the world. It reserves the right, however, to decide who it will allow in. Having a porous border that allows dangerous criminals to enter is irresponsible and evil. The president insists on fixing this problem by not signing any further continuing resolutions unless wall funding is included, resulting in a government shutdown; but the real culprits in the shutdown are the Democrats who are not willing to fund the wall to protect our country.

Igor Shpudejko





It was discovered recently that the overwhelming majority of school shootings listed in a federal report never actually occurred.

The “blunder” involves Department of Education figures (which should be the Department of Indoctrination) stating that schools around the U.S. reported an alarming 235 shootings in one year.

An investigation was launched by the notoriously liberal, government-funded National Public Radio (NPR). NPR contacted every one of the schools included in the education department data, which was obtained by its office for civil rights.

The figures focus on the 2015-2016 school year and reveal “nearly 240 schools reported at least one incident involving a school-related shooting.”

After every school was contacted by NPR, the stats changed drastically.

More than two-thirds of the reported gun incidents never happened.

According to NPR, only 11 reported incidents were confirmed, either directly with schools or through media reports. “In 161 cases, schools or districts attested that no incident took place.

In at least four cases, it was found something did happen but did not meet the government’s parameters for a shooting. Even though the Department of “Education” is the agency responsible for disseminating the bogus “information,” it shrugged it off as no big deal! Evidently, the federal agency does not bother to check data before publishing it as fact. It is then scooped up by agencies as “politifact.” When the need for clear and accurate data on school violence has never been more urgent, the Department of “Education,” a typical bloated agency with a $59 billion budget, should have known better than to blindly publish the information, but it passed the buck to the so-called civil rights data collection division, who played fast and loose with the “facts.”

On another note, I would point out to the author of “Gun control vs. nut control” in the November 28 West Valley View, the occupant of the White House is the greatest supporter of our Second Amendment rights since President Reagan, maybe even more so.

DJ Hammond



‘liberal lies’


In response to Mr. Rico’s letter from December 26, as Ronald Reagan was so fond of saying, “There you go again.”

How many times do we have to hear conservatives claim Obama “never told the truth?” To prove their point, they always refer to just one thing. He told us we could keep our insurance and our doctor under the Affordable Care Act. Their point cannot be disputed. As it turned out, junk insurance policies that cost very little, came with high deductibles and co-pays, paid virtually nothing, and limited coverage to only the very healthy, were no longer permitted. You could not continue to be insured by such plans because the law made such plans illegal.

While the Obama administration certainly knew some policies would be canceled, they were incorrect in their projections of how many it would affect. In response, President Obama personally issued an apology on November 3, 2013, to those who were losing their existing insurance due to new regulations and promised that fixes were on the way. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress blocked all such efforts. Yes, perhaps it would have been more accurate to say, “If you have good insurance and you like it, you can keep it.”

So please, stop beating the same drum over and over and start recognizing all the good that comes from the Affordable Care Act, not the least being the increased number of Americans who are insured.

One last thing, the price of bread did not increase 102 percent during the Obama years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices for bread were 11.5 percent higher in 2018 versus 2008. That is an average inflation rate of 1.09 percent per year compared to an overall inflation rate of 1.55 percent during the same period. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

John Lindstrom