Cooler Tymes Feel the Love

Photo courtesy Cooler Tymesinstalled a new air conditioner at Bridget and Jeremy Foster’s Litchfield Park home as part of “Feel the Love.”

Cooler Tymes, a Litchfield Park HVAC company, participated in the “Feel The Love program” for the first time this year. 

Owned by Mike Greco, Cooler Tymes installed a new, donated air conditioner at Bridget and Jeremy Foster’s Litchfield Park home.

“The value of the unit was $8,500,” said Greco.

Bridget and Jeremy Foster own the Grungy Galz store in Goodyear.

“They are always giving back to the community themselves,” Greco said. “For example, in lieu of a paycheck, Bridget donates items and her own time to other causes. She also uses her business to help others fundraise by hosting events and selling items. On top of this, she provides a space for 22 local vendors to sell items in her store on a regular basis.”

Ten years ago, Bridget Foster was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. She also has seizures due to scarring on her brain. 

“She now has an insurmountable amount of medical bills due to this life-changing health status,” Greco said. “Regardless of her own struggles, she still finds ways to help others in need.”

Lennox Corporation, partnering with dealers around the country, provided the new air conditioning unit.

“Feel the Love” was originally known as Heat U.P. when it launched in Wisconsin in 2009.